Yoga in the House. Literally.

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A reader invites you to early yoga at yoga house and in September a donations only yoga class in her home:

“Want to make your day go better with an early yoga class?

Neighborhood yogini Atieno Fisher teaches a flow class at Yoga House on Georgia Ave ( at 6:30am every Tuesday that focuses on getting your mind where you want it to be for the day – focused, alert, and consciously centered in your chosen values.

Beginning in late September, there will also be a donations-only community practice Tuesday night 6:30 class at Atieno’s Park View home at 3208 Park Place NW. Polished wood floors and an open space plan make this address an ideal yoga-studio-by-night. Come early to help set up or drop some green fat in the jar!

To learn more, contact Atieno at 202 550 5462 or atieno at


Incidentally, where is your favorite yoga spot in the city?

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  • hasnt that house been for sale forever or is that just a house that looks the same that i keep seeing the listing for online?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I assume the yoga teacher has bought this house…

  • My favorite yoga place – YogaHouse above Looking Glass Lounge

  • Boundless Yoga at 16th and U

  • YogaHouse! Most definitely.

  • Yoga House is expanding it’s schedule starting next week, and for folks who haven’t checked it out, you should definitely give it a try. They offer the regular vinyasa style classes, but also Kundalini which is an entirely different experience. I won’t even try to describe it, but it’s not at all like hatha or vinyasa–you’ll have to experience it. Plus it’s nice to support a neighborhood business, and many of the teachers live in Petworth.

  • Quiet Mind on 14th and Newton and Boundless

  • I also have to say that Quiet Mind at 14th & Newton is my favorite studio in DC. The classes are small, the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and the environment is extremely comfortable and welcoming.

  • Yoga District on Connecticut.

  • Quiet Mind – the owner is very responsive to feedback and the instructors and the space are fantastic.

  • I love Yoga House Studio. Susie on Monday and Thursday nights is really great, and Elizabeth’s (the owner) Kundalini classes are challenging. If you want a great workout, try Ashtanga on Tuesday nights. Wow! And you can see lots of your neighbors there too.

  • Gotta give props to Inspired Yoga at 12th and U

  • Yoga House! It’s a great space, and the owner Elizabeth is wonderful–she is challenging, encouraging, and cares about her students.

    I’ve taken many great classes there with all of the teachers mentioned above, and while I prefer Vinyasa, have also tried Kundalini (and that Tuesday night Ashtanga class–it kicks my butt everytime). I am very excited about their schedule expanding, and just bought a year long student pass. The student discount there is the best I’ve found in DC!

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