Yikes, Is That An Electric Fence?

DSCN2228, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

On a residential house? That’s pretty wild, yeah? I wonder what the scenario was that led to this step…

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  • Maybe it’s just (non-electrified) razor wire?

  • I walked by this place a few days ago and did a double take. Definitely not electrified; there are no insulators to keep the wires from grounding out. Not razor wire either. It just looks like a really half-assed attempt at making the fence a little higher.

  • Those loose wires would make climbing/hurdling that fence much more difficult – hmmm-looks like what I need to thwart the climbing thiefs who frequent my yard.

  • It might be a deterrent for birds who would otherwise roost, and shit, atop the fencing. Just a thought.

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