Why Is There a Big Hole In This Wall?

DSCN2036, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one isn’t for drainage. Did kind of remind of this cloud though:


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  • This looks a lot like what may have been an old coal shute – back when anthracite coal was delivered to be used in the furnace to heat the building (but it’s hard to tell with no more of the building showing). Many of these now have decorative grates in the most unexpected foundation-level places – perhaps this one was removed by a collector? or to get rid of critters? or to refit the furnace in anticipation of upcoming heat oil prices?

  • I believe the access to the water is under there.

  • This hole reminds me of the three-foot hole that used to exist behind my dishwasher, essentially spreading a welcome mat for a stream of, ahem, unwelcome visitors. Seriously, people, if you live in an apartment and have never looked behind your appliances, kindly ask your landlord for help checking behind there. You never know what might be lurking. (Sorry this is random.)

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