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Wow, pizza box recycling, that’s awesome. I hope they don’t just take the boxes and put new slices of pizza in them. Ha, ha, I’m idiot but I told I’ve drunk quite a few Budweisers at this point… Seriously that is pretty cool that they recycle. Cue pizza wars in 3, 2, 1 go!

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  • Moronis is not only better, their dough has been blessed by the Pope.

  • I finally went to Comet Ping Pong. was actually pleasantly surprised. mount pleasant or petworth would be blessed to have such a place. nice atmosphere and good beer on tap. and ping pong to boot. but really who wants to trek all the way over to the other side of the park for it.

  • “Moronis is” could be redundant. Like saying “ATM Machine”. Brought to you by the ARA (Association for Redundancy Association) and the AAA (Association for the Abolition of Acronyms).

  • our pizzas at comet ping pong were runny and doughy–but we thought maybe that is what they mean by ‘new haven’ style?

    as for re-cycling: good for moronis

  • As this was discussed previously, I believe the family that runs Moroni’s may in fact be Mormon, so their pizzas would not be blessed by the Pope, but maybe by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. As for recycling pizza boxes, what a good idea. Though my husband always puts whatever delivery pizza boxes we get in the blue recycling container DCPW provided.

  • Toby: I’m constantly surprised what you can put in the blue bin. It’s one of the things I’d put on the “Great Things About DC” list. My experience in Houston was that they basically wouldn’t recycle anything, they came out once every 3rd Tuesday, when the moon was full, and only picked up at odd numbered houses (or something similar), and worst of all I found out the hard way that they don’t take any glass — they dumped the glass on my driveway. The Houston trashdudes also excelled at knocking your trashcan into the street so that passing cars could destroy it or shoot it into your neighbor’s bushes.

    PoP, you should do a feature on the trashdudes, but you’d probably have to get up reeeeeeally early to catch them. Every Friday morning it’s like magical trash pixies have come to make my life sweeter.

    I [heart] DC solid waste services.

  • I’ve been impressed with the waste removal folks too. One time I called to have my trachcan replaced because it was old as balls, and they gave me a nice, free new one the NEXT DAY. Likewise, I called to have an old mattress removed, and again they did it the next day. That’s the type of service my parents in MD and sister in VA could not get… they have “special pickup” a few times year, otherwise you have to pay or are out of luck.

  • Here here to highlighting trashdudes! They do an amzing job for us, only once missing a pickup over an odd holiday weekend. When I lived in San Francisco, we could only recycle glass and bottles in our building. No plastic, paper, or cardboard. And that’s in San Francisco! Go DC!

  • It’s pretty amazing what DCPW will take, any kind of metal cans (including steel), and kind of glass or plastic bottles (including tops), and all kinds of paper products. In most cities they’ll take some plastic (but no tops), or some metal (but not steel). For all the things that DC government can’t seem to do right (like police the city), they sure have trash down.

    Maybe we ought to put William O. Howland (director of DCPW) in charge of the MPD and put Lanier on a trash truck.

    On second thought, no — she’d screw that up too.

  • Sorry to rain on the parade, people, but as a PNW enviro from the righteous state that invented bottle and can deposits, I need to correct y’all about this pizza box hoo-ha.

    Here it is: You can’t recycle pizza boxes. The grease makes the cardboard unusable. And if a pizza box somehow contaminates a load of cardboard, some recyclers just send the entire load to the dump.

    Alberto’s is only “recycling” these boxes to cut down on complaints from neighbors. As of a month ago, Alberto’s in Dupont wasn’t recycling soda cans. Cans, people! But they get so many complaints about piles of pizza boxes every morning that they’re now “recycling” boxes straight into the garbage.

    btw, if you need to know more about what you can and can’t put in the sacrebleu bin, here you go:


  • To add some more color, I once got a ticket in Seattle for putting a pizza box in a recycling bin. Now that’s some serious recycling. The city also just showed up in the neighborhood one day, took everyone’s giant trash bin and replaced it with a tiny little trash bin and a giant recycling bin. The reason is that cities contract with for-profit recycling companies that need economies of scale to be profitable.

  • I’m willing to bet somebody will deposit something other than a pizza box in that thing sometime this weekend!

  • As much as I want to make fun of Oregonian for being such a PNW recycling nerd, I have to admit that I was thinking the exact same thing while reading these comments. (As a Seattletite, its hard to find people who are even MORE crunchy/granola/Keen’s wearing than we are!) Sure, you can put the boxes in the bin if it makes you feel “green”, but they’re not getting recycled. Yeah, I’m the recycling committee representative for my office at work… don’t hate because you’re jealous….

    I do so totally want some coverage of DC’s finest though- the garbage collectors. Whoever runs that department of the city should anointed as the Patron Saint of all Things That Actually Work in DC.

  • ParkPeep: Saint William O. Howland, czar of all he surveys at DCPW. The “O” stands for “Overlord-of-Efficiency”. Even as a small child Saint William separated the plastic and the paper, walked his dog Spiffy while simultaneously picking up trash with a litter stick, and he spent his nights in quiet contemplation thinking “one day, ONE DAY, I’m gonna clean up this town!”

  • holla, ParkPeep. It took two years of wandering around futilely searching for recycling cans before I stopped pulling bottles out of garbage cans. Now I just cringe.

  • The trashdudes in Petworth are great! They saw me coming back from a walk, during which this recycling freak had picked up about ~ eight bottles and cans, and they walked over, collected them all from me, and put them in the truck. And smiled.

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