Which Do You Like Better?

DSCN1818, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I thought this was an interesting sight – it is two identical attached homes where one has pure grass as a front yard and the other (left obscured by the tree a bit) has an absolute wild combination of plants and shrubs. I think they both have merits. But which do you like better grass or plants, flowers and shrubs?

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  • It’s hard to tell, but I feel like there could be some safety concerns with having your front door obscured like what *appears* to be happening on the left…maybe its not that bad, though.

    I think, if I had a yard, I’d like to use a lot of native species. The nice lawn is pretty, but sometimes it can take a lot of maintenance and fertilizer and all, which is hard on the environment.

    Unfortunately, all I have is a windowsill.

  • I like the one on the right cause the other jungle-looking yard seems like a place snakes and other creepy crawlies might hang out.

  • I think each are pretty in their own way. Personally I’d probably go for plants like the left (for environmental and aesthetic reasons) but not quite so many/so wild – it looks like they’re bushy enough to make the first floor kind of dark.

  • The lawn on the left, with shrubs and what, not only looks cooler, but it’s also better for the environment. Check out this article from the New Yorker. It’s really interesting.

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