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  • Vinoteca, definitely. Mostly because of the patio and the drink and food specials (and the distance from my house).

  • I honestly thought Cork was a bit overpriced, though I like their flights and the cheeses they have are unique and to die for. Proof is pretty good. I’ve heard good things about Marvin (near Busboys and Poets) but it is always so busy.

    I had the opportunity to meet a staffer from Veritas (Florida Ave.) at another bar in my neighborhood, and he was deeply involved in brushing up wine and using a number of websites to find good wines (from various countries as well as varietals) that Veritas did not yet serve. He was friendly and knowledgeable, and I’ve intended to make a visit ever since.

  • anyone been to inoteca in NYC? puts them all to shame due mostly to the amazing food. if they opened one here it would be an instant hit. I say this as someone who likes food more than wine. give me a 30 dollar bottle of red and some great small plates and Im good to go.

  • Vinoteca is awesome – great patio, great service, high quality crystal, good selection.

  • Personally, I like Veranda on 11th and P. It’s much more chill, not to mention waaay less pretentious.

  • I can’t afford any of them. So my favorite wine bar is the one on my back porch featuring an open bottle of Tempranillo and the cat curled up on the next chair.

  • Veritas at Florida & Connecticut. It’s probably the only one that actually qualifies as a wine bar — the focus is really on the wine and not on being a restaurant with a decent wine selection. And it’s a cool, cozy, dark space.

    That said I like Vinoteca. I’m not crazy about Cork, I found it pretentious and too hip for its own good.

  • Sonoma in SE, definitely. The range of pinots is what I find so attractive there. Oh, and the bar staff are always friendly.

  • Yeah, Vinoteca, for sure. It’s big, and will get bigger with the addition of the back patio soon (just in time for winter). Plus, their addition of vegetarian sliders and the fact that they’ve got my fav wine Calina Carmenere as a happy hour special makes it all the better.

    Cork, to me, is cramped and always too packed – sort of reminds me of that Yogi Berra quote, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

    Haven’t been to Proof – scares me that it’s next door to the Family Research Council.
    Gotta check out Veranda, though.

  • been to veritas twice. its usually very crowded and veeeeeeeeeery loud. which is not good for enjoying wine. service is not great either. i don’t think i would go back.

  • cork on 14th

  • wolfgang puck’s “the source” bar. excellent selection of wines, very reasonably priced, and not pretentious at all – especially on weekend evenings.

  • @petworthy, that is true, it is fairly loud and crowded. But I don’t think it was any more so than Cork or Vinoteca. Cork and Vinoteca have both been a bloody mess the last couple times I’ve (tried) to go there – 10-20 people standing around the bar with not a hope of getting a seat. My last trip to Vinoteca, I went for dinner and was seated outside. The service was atrocious.

    It’s a problem anyplace that is popular will suffer; of those three places I don’t think any of them is especially quiet or un-crowded compared to the others.

  • you’re joking right? favorite wine bar?

    I think wine bars are positively low class masquerading as high class. noveau riche. I would never go to any, I mean, it’s like asking me what kind of fake tanning spray is best or whether I use botox or to some extent, how much of my boxers needs to hang outside my pants when they’re hanging half-off my ass? I’m shocked that anyone has an answer to this odd question.

  • “Vinoteca is awesome – great patio, great service, high quality crystal, good selection.”

    That is ironic-almost all of their dishes come from Ikea (you can tell because if you turn your plate upside-down, it says Ikea right on it!).

  • Dont get me wrong-I love Vinoteca. They have good cocktails and their food is really tasty and reasonably priced (entrees too).

  • @Neener:

    I agree. You know what else is low class masquerading as high class? Restaurants, old boy! Pure nouveau riche Frenchified nonsense! Give me my Gentlemen’s Club any day of the week!

  • I’m not a huge wine bar person, but I did go to Enology shortly after it opened and it was all right. I cannot compare with the others but I liked it enough to go back. I hear it’s from the same people who brought you Vinoteca, just up on Wisconsin Ave instead.

  • I love Cork, but for me it’s more of a special occasion place. Vinoteca is a bit more affordable and still good, though I’ve found the food hit or miss. Still haven’t made it to Proof, it’s on my list.

  • For the record, I should note that my favorite wine bar is the same one as damaged_in_DC: my house…’cuz I can’t really justify paying the markups.

  • Far and away Vinoteca. Best service, good selection, good cheap-ish eats.

    Liz, Enology is owned by the same people as Veritas, not Vinoteca.

  • I haven’t been to any of the others (I’m typically a drink on my own damn patio kind of girl), but I have to give Proof a shout-out for one of my best meals in DC.

  • Cork, hands down – because you can have great food with your wine.

  • Cork!! The wine list is excellent and the service is friendly and knowledgeable. I think it’s been a huge positive addition to 14th Street.

    I love Proof, but I think of it more as a restaurant focused on wine than a “wine bar”.

    I will NOT go back to Vinoteca – despite the fact that I live in the neighborhood, love wine bars and look forward to patronizing them so that more come to the neighborhood. I received such offensive service the last time I was there, after mediocre service for the several times before that, that I don’t want to give them any more of my money.

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