What’s A Health School?

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I think I’d love this school, back in high school, I kicked ass in health class…

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  • I believe that’s a school for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. I’m not quite sure why “health” is in the name….

  • saf

    What I know about it:
    Named for a former DC school superintendant who is now best know as half of Bolling V Sharpe.

    It is, as Christina said, for disabled children.

  • It is, indeed, a public school for young people with disabilities.

    If any PoP readers have any interest in devoting time to working with their students and helping the school in any way, please drop by the school office and introduce yourself to the principal (if any of you are free and in the neighborhood during any weekdays).

  • I have volunteered at this school in the past. There are a lot of students with a lot of needs at this school. There are also a lot of grandparents and other community members that help out at this school. I suggest to anyone who is interested in volunteering to look into it. It has been pretty rewarding and really makes me appreciate the little things I have to be thankful for.

  • I work for DCPS and once attended a training at Sharpe Health (we really call it that). I went out in the hall and observed fleets of yellow school buses dropping off kids in wheel chairs. They appeared to have various disabilities and are educated there because of the severity of their condtions and the fact that the local schools are not equipped for them. I once met an aide who worked there. Part of her job was to change diapers on some of the students there. You gotta have a calling to work there.

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