Truxton Circle Gets Nice New Banners

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Whose actually heard of Truxton Circle before? It is pretty close to the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Great banner.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    No disrespect intended I just hadn’t heard of Truxton Circle. Is there an actual circle?

  • The (re)naming of the area is a pretty recent event. There has been some backlash from the older neighbors about the banners. The circle used to exist at Florida/Lincoln/N Cap

  • Washington City Paper did an article on Truxton Circle a few years back, and even though the name hadn’t gained much currency till recently, it has been on DC planning maps for years. The actual circle itself was eliminated to make it easier for comuters coming down North Capitol street from Maryland. The church behind the fountain in the banner was torn down in the mid-sixties and is where the (recently closed) Kentucky Fried Chicken building stands.

  • yeah it was a long extinct name that was never used much even when the circle did exist. it has been reimplemented by realestate agents and gentrifyers trying to create a more marketable neighborhood feel. not hating. just saying.

  • I almost bought a condo in truxton circle a few months ago (until it became apparent that the majority owner of the building was embezzeling the condo funds). I agree with some of the prior posts…other than realtor hype, I don’t see much happening in that area in the near future. Big Bear cafe is not too far from Truxton Circle, but it takes more than a nearby coffee shop to make gentrification happen.

  • actually, isn’t truxton circle is on the edge of the NOMA (i hate that name)development? if so, maybe in a few years it will see more growth/change.

  • At least they put that banner on the shorter lights. They look so stupid when they are on the taller lights miles above the streets. Not at all in the right scale.

  • Has there been any discussion of actually reconstructing the circle in a less commuter-oriented, neighborhood-friendly way, like they did with Thomas Circle? All other considerations of real estate marketers aside, I kindof like the name Truxton Circle – it has a solid, 19th century ring to it.

  • i realize i’m jumping into this months after the fact, and no one is probably still monitoring the comments here, but i just want to say a few things.

    to the anonymous commenter who says the name wasn’t used much when the circle did exist—where you around here then? what’s your source on that?

    to PoP—yeah, a lot of us have heard of it. i don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but that’s how it’ll come across in a blog comment…just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. i’m sure the people of the TC (a nickname for it around here) forgive you for never having heard of them, though! 🙂

    finally, to mr. t in dc—yeah, there have been studies done, but ddot felt that it would be both too expensive and that it would impede traffic flow too much. to the first i say, “find the money, it’s out there somewhere” and to the second i say “screw the commuters, this city doesn’t exist solely to be their freeway”

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