Trees Dying in Sherman Circle

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Thanks to a reader for bringing this to my attention. Indeed it is a very sad sight. I wonder if there is some sort of disease going around? Hopeful some new trees can planted in their place.


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  • Trees are dead/dying all over – too bad there doesn’t seem to be a regular program to identify them and cut them down. One of those long dead trees fell on a car in my neighborhood and the picture of the end result ended up dcist.

  • I am not sure what kind of tree that was, but if the big one was a Siberian Elm, it is no great loss. They are pretty short lived junk trees. Hopefully the Urban Forestry folks will replace both. I would encourage readers to call 311 and let them know about it.

  • The large tree is an elm tree – not sure what kind, but if it’s an American Elm, it probably got hit by Dutch elm disease (despite this, DC has tons of thriving American Elms). I actually find the city is pretty efficient with replacing dead/dying trees, certainly compared to 10 years ago.

  • you need to contact DC gov and ask for them to replant a tree — then you should find a few friends to help water it! Weather has been pretty hot and dry here lately

  • Urban Forestry does not plant until late winter/early spring. They will check to see if the younger tree was a recent planting. Believe it or not their trees actually have warranties!

  • The trees are also dying at 14th and Kenyon. Half of the leaves have turn, and its still August. Its a sad sight.

  • I believe Sherman and Grant Circles are National Park Service lands so alerting them instead of DC govt might work better.

  • Anon 1:51 – I think you are right. For those calling the Park Service, the guy to reach out to at Rock Creek National Park is Bennie Goodman (yes that’s really his name).

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