“Think Local First” Survey

From the Trisha Clauson:

I manage the “Think Local First” campaign, a social marketing effort to educate DC residents and consumers about the importance of shopping locally.
Your feedback to this survey will help determine how DC’s “Think Local First” campaign (www.thinklocalfirstdc.org) can most effectively educate DC residents and consumers about the importance of supporting our homegrown, local businesses.

Simply click on the link below and answer the six questions:


Thank you for your feedback!”

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  • Trisha, when you ask what percentage of your shopping dollars are spent on local businesses, do you expect that even one single respondent knows that information accurately? Not only do I not know what qualifies for that, I don’t have my budget spreadsheet here at work to be able to tell you the percentage.

    Because most of us have had negative experiences with poorly-managed, undereducated local businesses where the owner has never heard of a market survey or seen the inside of business school, why are these questions all phrased in the positive? Is this a push poll?

    Do you have a statistics background or are otherwise educated in how polls are designed? I sound like such an a****le here, really, but I was hoping for a real poll, not a push poll.

  • Neener, don’t expect a response. Someone, I assume this same person, spammed the Columbia Heights forum with this poll, never bothering to engage anyone in conversation, just throwing out a URL.

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