The Mosquitos Are Starting To Get Brutal Again


I thought this was the most unusual summer I’d ever experienced. We had a couple of weeks of pleasant weather and I wasn’t getting devoured by mosquitos. But it seems I celebrated a bit early. So this truck seemed really odd to me. It can’t be possible to remove mosquitos from only your yard, right? I mean would the mosquitos from next door respect that boundary? What are your mosquito solutions? Deet? Vitamin B-12? What other options are there?

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  • The number of mosquitoes I find inside my house in the mornings is truly frightening.

  • In Florida I believe they have a real insect control program, such that they routinely blast areas with larvicides. I haven’t lived there so I could be mistaken, but that’s what I heard. Maybe we should lobby to get something similar here. As the climate continues to change we can expect more ‘southern’ pest infestations, mosquitoes being one example.

  • We DEET up, the organic sprays don’t seem to work. I also spray insecticide attached to my hose along my back fence and yard twice a summer. Helps very minimally. Pretty much I’m resigned to slapping and scratching. A friend of mine swears by his magnetic trap thing.

  • I tried Mosquito Barrier, a garlic based spray that you spray around the yard, in bushes, in down spouts etc. Did not work one single bit…I was bitten by three mosquitos just taking my groceries from the car to the house. I want my money back!

  • ive seen a lot of sites that recommend fans (as mosquitos are not very strong flyers)… ive though about setting up a few industrial floor fans to blow horizontally across the yard during gatherings and what not… would anyone be annoyed by that (assuming you were standing in the yard, drink in hand, chatting with other garden party goers)?

  • I went wholesale ballistic in my backyard a couple days ago with flying insect spray. Basically toxified every nook and cranny in the yard and blasted everything I could see. It was actually tolerable after that. I’m sure they will be back, but it was worth the 5 bucks in insect poison to make the yard useful for the evening.

  • Great piece in the WaPo Health section yesterday:

    Seem the only way to beat these little buggers is to eliminate habitat. The new variety of annoyance – the Asian Tiger Squeeter can breed on only a few ounces of water. Good news is they only fly about 50 feet unless blood crazed starving. Trouble is, I can’t find any standing water on my or my neighbors property. Could these lil’ bastardes be coming out of downspouts that connect to the house drain?

  • raw meat in a jar out of the way…way out of the way

  • I’ve read that the asian tiger larvae can grow in a bottle-cap’s worth of water, or in the grooves on a downspout. Scary stuff. I too have found this to be the worst summer for bugs since I moved here several years ago. Not just mosquitoes, but no-see-’ems (noseeums?) and houseflies, too.

  • Yes, they breed in downspouts, gutters and drains – anywhere there is standing water. Might want to tie some dunks in the drain and then screen them inside.

  • I’d imagine if you had a yard that raw meet would attract other kinds of annoyances, though… Although it would be useful to have around if sponteneous fisticuffs burst out.

  • the Post did an article the other day on this: there is an invasive non-native species that has spread to the region…

  • Like Geezer mentioned, you need to clean your dirty rain gutters… that’s a prime area for standing water.

  • Last I heard, they’d found 4 skeeters in the DC area infected with West Nile Virus – 1 in NW, 2 in SE and I think the others were way over in SW – so be careful when you’re out!!! Use repellent on yourself and your pups!

  • Odentex – what if it is your neighbor or the house 2 doors down? I have no problem sneaking around at night dewatering, but I just don’t want to get by behind shot or something for trespassing!

    God, sometimes I miss DDT! Stuff was hard on birdie eggs, but damn, did it work!

  • No one’s mentioning the giant bees???? Of the grasshoppers on steroids?

  • Steve: Just call up Gutters’R’Us and give them the wrong address (oh, and tell them your name is Inigo Montoya).

  • I looked at that insectmist thing (the truck in the picture) – it’s an in-the ground sprinklerlike system that sprays your whole yard a couple of times a day. Probably works, but way too spendy.

    For me? Jeans, socks and long sleeve shirts whatever the weather, and cigarettes. Haven’t got a bite all summer.

  • If you drink enough beer you’ll give ’em alcohol poisoning when they bite you. That’ll learn ’em.

    If you are serious about clearing an area you can also get one of those propane-fired traps like the “mosquito magnet” (they are heat seekers, after all), those work a treat for patio-sized areas, and they use the same refillable propane tanks used on gas-fired “bbq’s”.

  • Only trouble with those, although they work like a charm, is that they cost $600+ dollars, and have to be located a hundred ft or more away from where you would like to gather (since it is a magnet for them) Not exactly an option for most of us with those DC yards.

  • I drink a lot of beer, then pee in the drains…I suspect that kills the little buggers just the same!

  • To Steve:
    Replace the “the little buggers” with ” ’em ” and you’ve become quite poetic! Ha..

  • JnDC: The smaller ones go for $150 or so at most Lowes and Home Depots (at least those on the Gulf Coast) and I’ve seen them commonly used on patios 10′-15′ from the house. You wouldn’t need to by one of those biggins that cover an acre, even for a suburban lawn. The biggest problem I’ve noted is that they blow through a tank of propane pretty quick, so that could get expensive (and annoying). My sister has one and she is always out of propane. They are quite popular in Texas where West Nile and St. Louis Encephalitis has been a fact of life for 15 years or more. I never had one in my yard since I tried my best not to be outside from May until September other than to retrieve my mail or shoot my pistol at marauding yankees.

  • Odentex: Thanks for the info, but the cheapest model I see on their website is $320 without the propane tank that must be filled ever 2 weeks it says.

    Happy pistoling…

    The affordable Mosquito Magnet® Defender has a 1/2 acre range protection which makes it ideal for small yards and patio areas.

    Learn more about the Mosquito Magnet® Defender »

    What’s in the Box: Mosquito Magnet® Defender Trap,
    (1) Octenol Attractant, (1) Net, (1) QuickClear Adaptor, (10) Lawn Clips,
    Power Cord, Instructional DVD, Operation Manual.
    (note: propane tank not included)

  • JnDC: You can order up a custom “SkeeterVac” with what looks to be a baby carriage-type outfit for the propane tank for $180 on the internets.

    They sell similar type dealies in the Lowes stores in the south… my sis swears by them, but I have to say the skeeters really don’t bother me enough to hassle with a propane tank. I’m sure the local punk squirrels would knock it off the porch and cause a ‘splosion.

  • the cheapo mosquito magents (Coleman makes one) that supposedly attract mosquitos to stick to a sticky piece of plastic don’t work AT ALL. completely bogus. perhaps the ones with some sort of suction tank do but DO NOT buy a cheap one. we bought one a few years back, burned through a tank of propane, caught nothing, and threw it away. the internet is full of people with the same story.

  • Steve – I agree with you on the drains. etc. My entry way has TONS of mozzis, and there is a nice drain right there that they can breed in.

    This has been a bad summer. Every morning I wake up with new bites, and I generally don’t react at all to mosquito bites after spending 3 summers in the Canadian wilderness. I am seriously thinking about indoor citronella, which I really don’t want to do.

  • I had an Insectmist system installed in my home. I was a little skeptical but this system really works. For the first time in years, we have been able to enjoy the back yard! I would recommend them again to anyone. The staff was knowledgeable and respectful unlike most of the other contractors we had this summer. They were a little expensive but worth the money.

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