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  • Eww… one more horrid after the other.

  • I’ve found that the beauty of being an over-educated hiptard is that by the time you get sick of your horrible tattoos, your aforementioned education will likely afford you sufficient funds to get them all removed.

  • Wow you guys are hard on the tattoo people…Since it’s the angel of history it’s likely that he has considered the consequences of his past actions and just wants to roll with the wind. Relax peoples.

  • Yeah I know, sheesh. You all say how people will regret their choices and then will have to get them removed…well they can be removed…just like your bad hair from the 80’s and your mustard yellow wallpaper from the 70’s.

    And maybe in the future they will look at it and think VINTAGE, and it will be cool again.

    Get off your high judgemental closed minded horses and live and let live. Jesus!

  • Its actually a very good depiction of the original, and if the original work of art spoke to him and encouraged him to wear it as a part of himself I salute him and the tat artist.

  • Robert is a DORK. But hip-tards should appreciate the manner with which he incorporated “sufficient”, “aforementioned”, and “I’ve found that…” into his illuminating rumination.

    Well done, D-Bag: and please make sure to continue to keep us all up to date on the insights of life you have uncovered – and don’t lose the sarcasm either; just don’t change a thing. You are the perfect dork.

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