Sweet Mosaic

DSCN2155, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I think that’s a mosaic, yeah? Built right into the wall. Super cool. And nice house numbers to boot.

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  • I know this house. you should go back and get a picture of its recently added pop up. Its a huge house and they added a huge third story pop up with inset balconys along the whole side of it. Also this house is off your usual path by a mile or two. But dont worry im not hating. There is lots to love about the more established neighborhoods in this city too.

  • Actually, I’m pretty sure that would just be considered glazed tile. Mosaics are when the picture itself is made up of lots of differently colored tiles. (Rather than having the picture painted on the tiles.) Glazing is a treatment of the surface of clay (such as tiles) which makes it waterproof, but can also be used for aesthetic reasons.

    The border is cool – reminds me of something you’d see at the Freer.

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