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  • This is the place by Harris Teeter? Uuuuugly on the outside, say I.

  • PoP, Not entirely positive, but I’m fairly sure this is just a standing metal seam siding, much like the same roofs made like this, and not copper. I believe I was around when it was being constructed when it would have appeared as shiny and new copper and it was not that way. Plus even now it would be a bit more green and mottled then flat, uniform and brownish. AND on top of that, given what I’ve seen happen to little bits of copper in my hood since the price of scrap has almost tripled, I would only imagine people trying to rip VAST sheets off of this building and running away in glee…

  • Now, the other picture (the round building from the link) looks like that might actually be copper.

  • I’ve been in a condo in that building – multi-level, which is a very cool layout, but a little modern for my tastes. Killer terraces though.

  • I’ll agree with “Super Cool” but not with “New Construction”. That thing was definitely here when I moved to DC in ’04.

  • Those windows are probably a bitch to clean.

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