So What’s The Central Union Mission Going To Become?


We’ve focused a lot on the past on where the Central Union Mission will relocate. But what I’ve missed is what will become of the current location at 14th and R. Anyone know what development is slated to occur there?

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  • It was originally slated to become condos, but they’ve switched it to offices. They’re targeting non-profits and small trade associations for the space, I believe.

  • …hopefully with some ground floor retail instead of those barren blank walls.

  • I always thought it had unfortunate initials

  • Maybe it’ll house a nonprofit that advocates for homeless services. That’s be nice irony…

  • Whatever they change it into, I hope they leave that badass ‘Come Unto Me’ sign and cross.

  • Hey SG, where did you get your information? I have close ties to the Mission, and as far as I knew it was still in the works to become condos.

  • They need some more retail options in that area.

  • But when it loses its religious affiliation, it will just be a big building, so the sign should be changed to “Come Into Me.”

  • Hmm. I think it would be cheaper to change Unto to Onto.

    Bwooahaahaha! I made a funnY! Get it, cheaper??? You know?? Blech. I’m bored at work. Can I go home already? geezh.

  • How many times must it be said — this city is just screaming out for a combination kite store, roller-rink, and sado-masochistic leather emporium (you know, for kids).

  • Wow. I vote for roller rink! My friends and I have been talking about that for ages.

  • There was a roller rink. It is now Harris Teeter in AdMo. Strap on your skates and give it a twirl.

  • saf

    Oden – a designer friend of mine, for her senior thesis, designed a truly fabulous BDSM themed convention center, including a hotel and several restaurants. Perhaps we should look into acquiring those plans for this site.

  • Saf: I didn’t know Liberty University has an architecture program. 😉

  • I have heard it will become offices. Condos were originally planned, but now the market is over stocked. Personally, I think we need offices. I live nearby and we need more people working in the area and on the streets during working hours.

  • Yeah the roller rink was in the old Citadel buidling near Adams Morgan.

    I guess you could still roller skate down the long Harris Teeter aisles

  • I don’t have any idea of what it is supposed to become, but an ABC Home Goods Store like the one in NYC would be perfect in that space!

  • Spoke w/ development team a few months ago… they told me offices (because the condo market is still saturated) and indeed they plan to reopen the first floor windows that have been bricked up since the riots.

  • offices on the top floors, and retail on the bottom. The retail space will be great because it is 2 storeys tall– would be great for a cool restaurant — I think the rowhouse buildings next to it on 14th are part of the same project.

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