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“So I am sitting in a coffee shop on 17th Street right now (of all places) on vacation, and a dude across from me totally just opened up a fed ex box and pulled out what appears to be a vintage Michael Jordan Dream Team Jersey. Seriously. He was holding it up to himself and now he’s checking the tags. He’s like practically asking for all of the people here to stare at it. For some reason I find this to be hilarious. If I could take a picture without seeming super creepy, I would.”

Phenomenal but for the fact that I’m pretty sure I did the same thing when I received my Patrick Viera France National Football Jersey…  Although, at least I was in my own home at the time.  That is pretty hilarious.  But it does beg the question:  Michael Jordan – greatest athlete of all time?

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  • If anyone answers Michael Phelps here my NBC hype overloaded head will explode.

  • It pains me to give anybody that is associated with Cleveland props, but I think the #1 athlete of all time is Jim Brown. Besides being one of the greatest RBs of all time, I think he was a stud in basketball, track, and lacrosse, if not other sports, while at college in Syracuse.

    As far as being a true specimen of fitness is concerned, I think anybody who can complete the Ironman Triathlon deserves some props!

  • Tiger Woods.

  • Lance Armstrong.

  • Right on, Chewy. Jim Brown. He wore no pads on his legs ’cause he was worried they’d just slow him down.

  • Tiger Woods

    I know most would say golf is not a sport and thus Tiger Woods not an athlete. However, the “greatest” (as opposed to athletes in general) athletes have a mental advantage under pressure and can execute a coordinated/physical act (hence chess is pretty much out) at the key moments to win the big “games”. Thus, few will suggest famous marathon runners or weightlifters as the greatest athletes.

  • I also vote for Jim Brown.

  • This is from Wiki

    -Woods has won fourteen professional major golf championships and 65 PGA Tour events
    -more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer.
    -the youngest player to achieve the career Grand Slam, only to achieve it with all wins in a row. (Only 5 players have made a Grand Slam)
    -the youngest and fastest to win 50 tournaments on tour.
    -held the number one position in the world rankings for the most consecutive weeks
    and for the greatest total number of weeks.
    -awarded PGA Player of the Year a record nine times
    -awarded the Byron Nelson Award for lowest adjusted scoring average eight times,
    -tied Jack Nicklaus’ record of leading the money list in eight different seasons.
    -named Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year a record-tying four times
    -only person to be named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year more than once.
    -He has spent over nine years atop the world rankings in his 12-year career

  • maybe there should be two categories, one for solo sports and one for team….

  • Why do people buy jerseys with athletes names on them?

  • Jim Thorpe.

  • While Tiger sure can hit the ball far when his little knee isn’t hurtin’, Jim Brown ran for thousands of yards while guys with names like Butkus were trying to disable him permenently. I think Jim was under a teeeensy bit more “presure” to not be flattened by cro-mags versus Tiger missing the tin cup by a few feet and having to shout “dang it all, jeepers!” before heading home in his Buick stuffed with millions of dollars.

  • Steven Gerrard.
    Patrick Viera ain’t got nothing on Stevie G.
    Greatest athlete ever? Probably not, but #1 in my heart.

  • I think you could easily say that while Jim Brown was running down the field trying not to be crushed by guys like Butkus, which makes him a stronger athlete in your opinion than Tiger because he just hits a ball, you could also say that a race car driver than would be an even better athlete than Brown, because they have tons of pressure to not crash their car and die in a blazing fire after making one wrong move when speeding well over 100mph, or a weight lifter for that matter who is trying to lift more weight than should be humanly possible over his head without shitting out his intestines, but honestly I don’t think its about pressure or how hard or fast or in great shape you have to be. I think its about being the absolute best at your designated sport and having the titles/wins/records to back you up. I would never say that Tiger Woods is more athletic than Jim Brown, but I think Tiger Woods in his respective sport is a strong candidate for being one of the best athletes of all time because of what he has done.

  • Just to get everybody worked up, I say it is Michael Schumacher, the former Formula 1 driver. While I really don’t like him much, his skill and athleticism was amazing, and he is a very good soccer player on the side. If you follow Formula 1, you will understand that it is a true combination of mental, communication, and phsyical prowess. How many times did he win the world championship? Was it seven? But, while he was raciing, he was always the second-biggest earner in sports — Tiger was always first.

  • Perhaps I am revealing my gender here, but I would like to throw Mia Hamm into the mix. She has the most international goals scored (158) than any other soccer player in the world, male or female!

  • Tiger Woods is by far the best golfer of all time, and he works out like a madman to get in the shape that he is in. However, John Daly smokes like chimney on the golf course and has won 2 majors in his life. There is a big difference in being an athlete in a “skill” sport and an “athletic” sport. There is no denying the greatness in someone like Tiger Woods or Michael Schumacher, but many people could beat them in a footrace or other activity.

    A true athlete, in my opinion, is one that runs, lifts, swims, climbs…anything that gets the heart rate up a bit. Lance Armstrong was amazing, but all he did was ride bikes. He ran the NYC marathon but struggled and didn’t run an amazing time. So Jim Brown gets my #1 for being able to excel in many sports during the same time. And again, Ironman Triathletes. Swimming 2+ miles, riding over 100 miles, and then running a marathon. That defines being an athlete!!!

  • saf

    Cal Ripken.

    Yes, he played for Baltimore, but that was before the evil that is Angelos. And he’s Cal.

  • Viera! Excellent choice, PoP. Too bad he retired on such a down note with Euro 2008, though. :-/

  • Cal Ripken? He’s not even in the top ten at his position. He played for 100 years (approximately) and the only stat of any signfigance he had was 3000+ hits… and he had to play the last 2 seasons with a walker and an oxygen tank to get those hits. He’s Craig Biggio with better PR.

  • saf

    Oden, Oden. No two ways about it – Cal is Lord of the Summer Game, Prophet of Old School Ball, Avatar of Team Spirit, and the Embodiment of Baseball.

  • roberto clemente defines old school baseball. cal ? sorry i cant agree clemete gone but not fotgotten!!

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