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So I took the Bolt Bus from NYC to DC today. It was pretty awesome. Tickets day of only cost $20. And there was wifi (although it was a little spotty at times). But my question is why would the driver take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway back to DC instead of 495? We hit killer traffic on the BWP. I feel like 66 there is always crazy traffic on the BWP. So when traveling from north to south would you take 495 or the BWP?

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  • Totally depends on the time of day. I lived in Baltimore when I went to grad school in DC and usually preferred to take the Parkway.

  • Ditto what hichickindc says. P.S. I loooove the Bolt.

  • PoP, did you mean to compare the BW Parkway to the parallel I-95? The Beltway is suburban hell.

  • This is a ridiculous question. There should be no cars on the road at all…just bikes…and maybe some horses.

    Actually, depends on where in DC you are trying to go and what time of day it is.

  • The BW Parkway is great, until there is an accident, then it blows because there are only 2 lanes!

  • Given the option New York Ave -> Montana Ave -> Franklin is quicker home than the belt to New Hampshire Ave.

  • It depends on my final destination, but if I need to get up to the Baltimore area during rush hour, I find that Hwy. 29 is the path of least resistance.

  • Um, yea, this isn’t a good poll since the real alternative to BWP is I-95. 495 is the Beltway.

  • I think I just assumed I-95. You know, collective mind of the internets or something.

  • Actually, I prefer WTOP – whenever I am going through B-more on my way to DC, or the reverse, I listen to hear which of the two is less backed-up (parkway vs. I-95) and take that one.

  • They are all nerve wracking these days!

  • I always avoid the B-W Pwy like the plague. It only has two lanes and very few exits, so if there is ever an accident (which is everyday) you are screwed.

  • On top of time of day, wouldn’t the ease of getting to the drop off in the District likely be easier from 295?

  • BW Parkway may actually be quicker half of the time.

    The other 50% it will not, cuz there is bound to be wreckage from an accident or squirrel by the side of the road that everyone needs to check out rather than getting on with it 🙂

    I usually avoid it, unless it’s past 9 pm, then too I’ve experienced delays, especially on sunday nights.

  • Stop complaining. On my way home, the driver went thru the harbor tunnel and took 97 to 50

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