Random PoP Moment

Sometimes I sing when I’m listening to the I-pod. So I was at lunch, absentmindedly, singing and this woman looks at me with the oddest expression on her face. So I laugh and say, “I’m sorry was I singing?”. She replies, “no it was more like howling”. Ha! Beautiful. For the record I was “howling” Tear Stained Eye by Son Volt.

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  • saf

    Do you remember the SNL skit with the walkmen? Tim Kazerinsky is on the subway. It’s December. Everyone except for him has a walkman on, and they are all listening to different things, singing along. It’s chaos!

    He walks through the car, re-tuning everyone’s walkmen to the same station, and then stands there, happily conducting as they all join in the Alleluia Chorus.

  • Great song. I have to sing along too.

  • for crying out loud, stop tormenting people with your “singing”.
    it’s more like a bizzare falsetto humming

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