Potential Upscale Deli Coming To Georgia Ave. in Petworth

Potentially super exciting news. I received this email yesterday:

“I am in the beginning stages of exploring the possibility of opening an upscale deli with a small lounge area serving wine and higher priced beers in Petworth, ideally on Georgia Ave. (possibly somewhere around the 4500 block). The deli would be open from 4 p.m. until 12 a.m. and would offer both eat-in and carry-out options. The décor would be modern with the music played being some of my favorites—thus running the gamut from garage rock to classic rock to punk to soul to classic rap to hybrid acts.  I truly think Petworth needs more eateries, particularly in along the lines of a gourmet take-out. Thanks.”

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  • I know these polls can’t account for everybody, but if there was an option, I’d have ticked something like “once every couple o’weeks” or maybe even “once a month” —

    I love the idea of this place but it’s a bit far north for me. Hell, I haven’t even made it to Domku yet, so my record of supporting stuff up there is miserable. It’s a shame “good intentions” don’t keep good indie businesses alive.

  • Is this taking away a prime spot for a wine bar?

    /heh, there, that outta start things off with a bang!
    //people, Im just kidding.

  • As a resident of Petworth north of Grant Circle, I would welcome more dining establishments. I love Domku, eat there quite a bit, so I say the more the merrier.

  • This would be wonderful. I am in the upper North, above Sherman Circle, where our options aren’t what they are down south. Domku is good, and I enjoy Moroni Brothers, but a deli would be stellar, particularly with a) good beer and wine, and b) take out and long hours allows me to get some grub when getting home late.

  • Uh oh — “gourmet” “higher priced” “upscale” — you better not use these words going forward, it’s like pouring blood in shark-infested waters around these parts … anything that reeks of quality is after all nothing but an evil yuppie invasion!!!

  • I’m not sure I follow what would be defined as an “upscale deli,” but I would probably patronize it if it were truly a deli and not some Subway Gone Yuppie.

  • I agree with Jack-what exactly makes a deli upscale? Using lots of Pesto?

  • Yeah I would check it out, but it’s not anywhere near me so I wouldn’t visit at any of those frequencies offered in the poll. If I liked it after my first time there I would maybe go once every few months or so…

  • It’s not within walking distance for me, so probably wouldn’t go all that often if at all, but I find it interesting how the notion of distance varies from place to place. Here in DC, I, and many others, avoid going places that aren’t right in our four to five block radius, maybe 10 if you push it. When I lived in Los Angeles years ago, it was no big deal to drive 30 minutes to a food place or what have you, and you might consider that “close by”. Meanwhile, it would only take me five-ten minutes in the car to get to these places in Petworth. I guess it depends on how much you want what is being offered. I wouldn’t make the effort to go get a sandwich or an alcoholic beverage, because as mentioned too many times before, I can get that in like five different places within four blocks in CH. But I will drive to Moroni and Brothers because their goat cheese pizza is one of a kind in DC in taste and quality. Sorry I’m rambling.

  • Here we go again! If this is what the market will support then good for them. I know some folks will worry about venues for the longer time residents with lower incomes, but unfortunately, the market does not always consider them kindly.

  • I’d definitely go, and would welcome the new business to the Grant Circle area. We need it! I love the spicy grilled cheese at Domku but would definitely branch out for other dinner options. If it was on Georgia, I suspect you’d get plenty of business from 16th Street Heights and Brightwood folks, who have few sit-down options available.

  • I’ll probably check it out once and if I like it I’ll go there once or twice a year when I’m really desperate for food. I don’t eat out all that often anyway, especially at places that call themselves upscale but all they offer is the same stuff as everybody else but for higher prices.

  • “Upscale” means healthy and diverse food options in a clean, pleasant environment – a scaled-back, lower price Dean and Deluca, for example.

    Sounds like a great spot to pick up a healthy, interesting dinner for the family on the way home (Crestwood) from work. We’d patronize such an establishment.

  • The use of the word deli seems inaccurate. To me, a deli makes sandwiches, which implies lunch and it won’t be open til 4 pm?

  • How much business do you think they will get before 4pm on weekdays? Probably is not worth being open. If it is close to the metro station, I would suggest being open in the morning.

  • i’m in the petworth neighborhood…near the Domku Restaurant. Other than Domku there are no other places to get a good, clean & healthy meal; lunch or dinner. if it’s not walking distance from upshur & 9th stret – i’d definately stop by before or after work….

  • I would definitely check it out and go occassionally if it was good, but that’s too far north for me to go very often

  • I think the closer to the Metro the better off business would be in terms of foot traffic. You know what they say: location, location, location. Plus there’ll be a large influx of potential customers when Park Place opens.

  • WOW.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen!
    Where do I sign the petition?
    I will go daily.

    I promise.


  • I agree with OB. It’s great to see quality places open up in the neighborhood, but they need to be better clustered together closer to the metro.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with that “Goins” place at Georgia and Shepherd? That would be such a great location for a deli like the one described, or any kind of coffee/sandwich place, but it’s been in various states of disrepair and closed for the 2 and a half years I’ve been living in the neighborhood.

  • I would love, love, love a good deli!! Boarshead cold cuts, chicken cutlets and fresh baked bread please. The block of Upshur with Domku and Beverage Mania or right near the metro stop would be ideal. Walking on Georgia is no fun, so I tend to frequent those places a bit less.

  • I would really like a “maybe” button. Yes, I would like more eating options in the neighborhood but when I think of deli I don’t think of higher priced beer. Cafe might be a better choice of words…. I dunno.

    It just depends on what the place is like in terms of food, quality, and price.

  • I don’t live in that part of town, so I doubt I would go there often; but that’s nice for people who live up that way.

    The hours really seem kind of short, though. I hope that they can start opening earlier (say 11 or 11:30…) in the future.

  • are you kidding me? that location is right by a school. it is irresponsible to be serving alcohol near to where children congregate. how can we be sure they will not serve alcohol to our children?

  • Yes! This would be fantastic, and my wife and I would be regular patrons.

  • Aren’t there zoning laws about having alcohol sales near schools? I’m guessing here, don’t really know.

  • Will it be a delicatessen “deli” — with decent meats and sundries to go (So’s your Mom, only better)?. Or will it be a place to buy expensive sandwiches and mediocre potato salad and tabouleh?

  • Considering the school shares a wall with a liquor store and then 2 doors down is a strip club that serves alcohol, I can’t really imagine an upscale deli with beer and wine being something that is going to “corrupt the children” so-to-speak…

  • What school? Clark? Roosevelt? Am I missing a school that is “right by” that block?
    “Grant Circle area”? That block is closer to Sherman Circle.

    I’d support it and definitely hope it happens. Although that location would be ideal for me, alas, I’d have to agree that it might do better further south, closer to the Upshur area and Metro. But don’t move on my account!

  • Oh, did the post mean to say 3500 block? I read 4500 as it said and was really perplexed. Um, can we confirm?

  • A deli? Yoswers! If it were tasty I’d be there all the time – HOWEVER, it’s not very Metro accessible (except by bus) and is a bit far north for me.

  • That strip of commercial near domku has so much potential if more places opened up near there. It would help all the businesses if there were enough shops to reach a “critical mass”

  • Most of the kids attending the schools on GA Ave already smoke weed and or drink alcohol. Most of the kids that I know that attend the school right there at Kansas Ave and GA talk of how the students drink and smoke IN the school. I don’t see how a restaurant abiding by the laws would negatively affect the kids.

  • I concur with nate – I think that there are plenty of places for kids to get alcohol already. A new deli won’t change that. I think that the 4500 block cross street would be Allison, which I think is a few blocks north of the school(s).

    And while I’d agree with the comments about better traffic near Metro or on Upshur, GA Ave. can become a good thoroughfare of its own, without the concerns about mixing commerce (sic booze) and residential. Plus, it would be just a few blocks from the Upshur, Kansas, GA Ave intersection, not far from the (hopefully) Yes Market, new condos, Upshur/Domku, Moroni (4800 blk), Safari Cafe, etc.

  • why do people think restaurants have to be near the metro? we totally need more restaurants up Georgia–Moroni’s is AWESOME, and Safari’s not bad, and Domku is especially nice with the outside seating. But that’s all we’ve got. I don’t want to have to go all the way to the metro for food.

    Though fwiw around the metro, Looking Glass–which used to have decent food–is still fine for drinks but it’s definitely not someplace you want to drop any dollars on food. So that’s one more loss to Petworth. So I’m not going to argue that places around there aren’t needed as well. I’d love to see the LGL owners decide they want to offer something besides tasteless hamburgers.

  • I’m sure we would be there all the time if they elected to open up in the soon-to-be-developed 3800 block of Georgia!

  • please dont tease me like this! could this be?

  • delis should be open for lunch hours, or its shouldnt be called a deli. more like a carryout… i like my sandwiches between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

  • Ditto to DCDW and David: if you said 3500 or 3800 block of GA Ave, oh yes, frequently. In addition to which, you’d have our neighborhood’s largest employer, MedStar Health, in spitting distance away. If this is meant for the 4500 block, then it’s just too long a trek.

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