PoP Ombudsman Responds To Recent Criticism

Recently I have received a number of comments/emails from folks who are unhappy with the coverage at PoP. Some ask why I’ve stopped focusing on Petworth? Some are just hate filled. I’ve never really understood how a blog like PoP could generate such hatred. I think it’s a fairly innocuous site. The site is constantly evolving. I live in Petworth and as long as I do the site will be called the Prince of Petworth or PoP. As difficult as it is for some to understand, it is just a name. And a goofy one at that. But, really, it is just a name. This blog obviously covers issues and neighborhoods citywide. I try and write about development, restaurants, architecture, real estate, quality of life issues and other things that I find interesting. Fortunately most of this material resonates with the readers.

No disrespect intended, as I’m always sad to lose readers, but if you decide not to read anymore don’t feel like you have to announce it in the comments section. Especially if you are anonymous. Quite frankly, nobody cares if “anonymous 3:14 pm” reads it or not.

Now you’ll forgive me if my native New Yorker comes out here but I have a bone to pick with Amanda Hess from the Washington City Paper. She writes last Thursday: “Burning question! Why employ a “guest blogger”? Get your own blog! It’s easy!”. She then goes on to criticize the great work done by Julian on “The Restaurant” piece. Well first of all, I find it ironic that someone who is writing for a group blog asks why use a “guest blogger”? Actually, Julian’s a contributor, just like Amanda is a contributor to the City Desk blog. Personally I like the City Paper very much but I’d like to leave Amanda with a refrain from one of my favorite Beastie Boys songs:

“And if you don’t like it then hey fuck you!”


Dan Silverman
PoP Founder, Ombudsman and Intern Coordinator

Actually all of the lyrics would apply. Full lyrics after the jump.

Which of you schnooks took my rhyme book?
Look give it back you’re wicky wack
With your ticky tack calls didn’t touch you at all
I didn’t touch your hand man you know its all ball
You sold a few records but don’t get slick
‘Cause you used a corked bat to get those hits
You’ve been in the game, your career is long
But when you break it down you’ve only got 2 songs
MC’s are like clay pigeons and I’m shootn’ skeet
I just yell pull and MMM drops the beat
You people call yourselves MC’s but you’re garbage men
Takin’ out the trash when you pull out the pen

And if you don’t like then hey fuck you!

I read about you up on page 6
They was trashin’ your ass it’s sad you’re getting dissed
Now talk about your face now don’t get pissed
But I suggest you see a dermatologist
I keep that hot sauce hot not mild and weak

It’s gonna burn your mouth until you wet your beak
I’ve got billions and billions of rhymes to flex
‘Cause I’ve got more rhymes than Carl Sagan’s got turtlenecks
Your rhymes are fake like a Canal Street watch
You’re hearing me and you’re like “oh my god its Sasquatch!”
I’m walkin’ on water while you’re stepping in shit
So put your sewer boots on before your ass gets lit

And if you don’t like then hey fuck you!
So put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself

Sucker MC’s it’s me they’re resenting
In the animal kingdom they call it presenting
With the dipsy doodle the kit and caboodle
The truth is brutal your grandma’s kugel
Kings County is my stomping ground
The Albee Square Mall, Brooklyn, Downtown
So don’t ask me to wine and dine ya
I’m from Brooklyn you’re from Regina
You’re like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam
You’re just yellin’ and wildin’ wondering who I am
With those lies you’re telling you look like Toucan Sam
But my style’s impregnable like the Hoover Dam

And if you don’t like then hey fuck you!

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  • Damn. These haters are so sad and petty. They’re the reason why I quit publicly blogging. More power to you for staying strong and keeping the blog going.

  • I dont know why I am posting this here. but can you have your Adams Morgan contributer do a peice on the Potters House. I have always wondered about it but am far too lazy to investigate for myself. A friend told me it was a liberal christian coffee house bookstore. One aspect of which keeps me from going in and checking it out for myself. Ill let you guess which. thanks.

  • Here here! I don’t get how people feel like they are entitled to complain about this wonderful FREE little corner of the web. Start your own dang blogs if you don’t like it.

    But another way to look at it, even if the haters would die before admitting this, is that people often are inclined to complain about changes if they feel some kind of attachment to a place. So the “hate” and stomping off in a snit is, in a twisted way, a compliment to you, PoP. No one would say anything if they just didn’t care.

  • I am a native of MoCo with family roots in Petworth and other NW DC neighborhoods, I live in Asia now and am a huge fan of your blog. It reminds me of what I miss about DC and I find the reporting amusing and informative. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  • So the Washington Post should only cover Washington?

  • 50#’s of salt ponyboy, 50#’s of salt.

  • as if city paper is to judge. that paper just gets worse and worse….

  • I am put in mind of those Texan poets Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill, perhaps better known as Houston’s Geto Boys, some relevant excerpts from their 1990 elegy “Fuck ’em all” are set forth below:

    I gotta bone to pick cause I’m sick
    Of you motherfuckers talkin shit
    We pick you up, you put us down and I’m mad
    Time to talk about your dog ass

    Jealous motherfuckers its seems wanna try the act
    “How do you do em?” Fuck em up like a cardiac
    So if your curious get a blood donor
    Cause I’mma fuck you up so bad, that you’re momma won’t know ya
    I pity the fool who diss the mastermind of wreckin shit
    Now let me tell ya somethin bitch
    Get yourself a headstone a plot and some pine
    Cause when I catch up with ya, ya ass is mine
    The line is drawn word is bond
    The motherfuckers who crossed it are dead and gone

    Fuck those unknown motherfuckers
    With a 10 foot pole that can’t touch us
    Yeah we know you still skeptic
    Cause we ain’t kissin no God damn ass to be accepted
    And if you’re waitin on that to happen sucka
    You’ll be a waitin motherfucker
    And to you other mothafuckas in the atmosphere
    I’m sayin fuck you loud and clear

    Radios, newspapers, TVs
    Spreading lies across the seven seas
    I’ve had it up to here with this bullshit
    To each I preach without a pulpit
    Calls I don’t do, nails I don’t chew
    Whenever I fix my mouth to say, FUCK YOU.

    Ah, the classics. City Paper automatically sets itself up as the snarky arbiter of everything, but they really can be freely ignored in most regards. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • and they gank your pictures! lol

    Keep it up 🙂

  • while we’re at it, maybe we can get some coverage of 3636 16th street. it was, at one point, one of the most glamorous hotels in washington dc. apparently they still have old photos of that era in the lobby.

  • Well PoP you have really made me mad this time and I am not going to read any of your ‘ombudsman’ entries anymore, and that’s not just because I don’t know what an ‘ombudsman’ is, it’s because I have principles.

    P.S. Why do you call this blog the Prince of Petworth and yet you never, ever even mention the vast late 17th-century mansion ‘Petworth’ set in a beautiful park, landscaped by ‘Capability’ Brown and immortalized in Turner’s paintings? Are you ashamed of it? Should I start a protest?

  • I’m sure she just wrote that because she has a secret crush on you… girls do that sometimes you know. Otherwise, calling out a guest blogger for being a sophomoric writer is… painfully obvious, no? Not really the hard-hitting investigative journalism I’d expect out of the Washington City Pa… wait, wait- no, I don’t expect much out of the City Paper bloggers either.

  • Heh.. I got sencored. Anyway, its your blog so you do whatever you want. I do share a bit of a concern with PoP becoming another city wide blog. I live in Petworth/CH and want to read a blog that is focused on them. Occassional stuff on H St or whatnot is fine, but I am not looking for another DCist or something of that sort here. IF PoP becomes a generalist, I’ll probably try to find another blog that is more focused.

  • Your blog rocks! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  • Keep up the good work, POP!

  • sounds like a serious case of demon envy to me. truthfully all d.c. neighborhoods love them or hate them, affect each other. for example, the bodega you described at 200 rhode island ave. perhaps some one reading about his sucess may indeed try a version in my area or maybe petworth. your blog and all the comments expressed here, even when i dissagree, are interesting and relavant to all residents of the district. thank you for sharing your passion for petworth and surrounding d.c. neighborhoods. keep up the good work.

  • I love this site, POP… Rock on, as they say!

  • Wow.. enough with the sugary love already.. 😉

  • As the previous comments said – I like your site! The pix, the reviews, the writing, AND the other contributors. If I had more time, I too would love to be a contributor; but alas, for now, just a HAPPY READER!

  • Odentex, I’ve been there! To the real, original Petworth landscaped by Mr. Brown.

    Love the blog, love the coverage. Keep up the great work.

  • Do what you do, what makes you happy. If the readers continue to come and stay (which I suspect they will) that’s just a bonus. Doing what you dig is the important thing here.

  • Some people (like the CityPaper blogger, I suspect) are just critical by nature, and thrive on putting other people down. Personally, I enjoy the fact that your blog and your readership (based on what I see in the comments section every day) seem to be more open-minded and laid-back than that.

  • PoP – don’t let the few haters get you down. I LOVE your site and hop on daily. It helped me tremendously when I was looking to buy, and was probably a huge influence on my ending up in Petworth. Your genuine affection and support for not only the Petworth area but for DC in general should be applauded, not criticized. Keep up the great work!

  • POP,

    I have personally found that there is a direct correlation between success and the amount of BS criticism that you receive. For a long time I just couldn’t understand why people felt the need to complain about something that was contributing something positive. When I heard rappers talking about “haters” I just thought it was something catchy that they said until I really felt it. Then one day I realized that there are really haters out there. I will never understand why, but there are people who cannot handle success, progress or positive change.

    Be honest with yourself Pop, you know that your blog is really good and you know there criticism is ridiculous. Instead of letting them get you upset, you need to celebrate their haterism as if it was a gold medal. Take Ms. Hess’ article, frame it and put it in your on your wall! Think of it this way: if you don’t have any haters then you aren’t doing anything worthwhile.

    – Just J

  • We all read this blog because it’s awesome – well written, entertaining, and informative. I say, more neighborhoods just = more of a good thing!

    As for the City Paper, I stopped reading that thing a while ago…

  • Go PoP. Stand up to the haters, jealous punks them all. Let them gripe, leave, and come back ashamed (and likely anonymous). Post on you crazy blogger.

  • There is a reason the Washington City Paper is free…….

  • Really this is a fun and unique blog that for me anyway contributes to my sense of community. No small feat.

    And, yes, The City Paper and their features are IMO embarrassing to say the least.

  • Your response to recent criticisms inspired me to register onto your site – today. Thanks haters. I’m going to tell 10 of my friends to register…who will then tell 10 of their friends…do the math if you can handle it!

  • Post those emails! Open them up to the withering critic of your loyal readers!

  • That’s 110.

  • Well, there goes the family friendly rating =;-)
    So, I guess I won’t have any reservations about suggesting this gem from the Rage Against the Machine song “Forces”:

    Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    “OK, I’m just proving a point, you don’t have to celebrate it Frank.”

  • Speaking of Petworth, I was hoping someone could explain to me why the service remains so terrible at Domku? I want that place to succeed but you really need a lot of patience to eat there!

  • I live in CH and completely love the coverage of Petworth, Columbia Heights, U St, Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant. And, hey, even H St. I learn about the coolest things on this blog. For example, as someone else said, the bodega on RI. I am rarely in that hood. But next time I am, I will totally go there.
    I’m from Jersey, PoP, so I’m with you on “keeping it real”. All I have to say is, keep your chin up. And like my mom says, eff ’em.
    Great job.

  • well, since it’s never cool to defend the people getting piled on, let me prove how uncool i am.

    i guess this is what i’m seeing here. there are blogs that cover certain neighborhoods in the city (new columbia heights, for example), and there are blogs that cover all the city (dcist, for example). PoP started out as a neighborhood blog (petworth), and has morphed into a citywide blog. that’s not a problem, but you should shout it out and be proud about it then. call it prince of petworth (a blog about DC neighborhoods), so it’s clear that you cover more than just petworth now. maybe some people would just like to see that acknowledged, that’s all.

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