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DSCN1957, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You know the rules – add your caption in the comments section and the best one wins a t-shirt or free beer. (Odentex shoot me an email when you’d like to claim your beer from last weeks victory). This week’s winner announced Friday.

For the curious I have another angle plus a photo a reader sent in when the bumper was in the middle of the Columbia Heights plaza.



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  • Yes, I did a photo and blog entry on this find as well. Someone explained that they were leaving Commonwealth Gastropub around 11:30 one night, and heard a commotion, and witnessed a group of kids throwing the bumper around the plaza. I thought it must have been from am accident, but there were no skid marks. Chalk it up to vandalism, I guess.

  • The photos tell a story, but reverse the order:

    Plaza photo: “Bob discovered too late he hadn’t bought enough invisibility paint.”
    Trashcan photos: “But he was out of money, so he solved the problem the only way he could.”

  • how wasteful… surely that could have been recycled..

  • The new Nissan “Bumpera” combines a fuel efficient, zero cylinder engine with an expansive interior. Its perfect for city driving–you can parallel park it in even the smallest of trash cans.

  • Caption: “I swear, Officer, that trash can came outta nowhere.”

  • Dude. Add NOS nitrous, ground effects, and a couple of V-Tech decals and that will be exactly as sweet as my neighbor’s Civic.

  • “Larry the garbage man finally had it with the certain car that always knocked down his garbage cans on pick-up day. Larry was not one to let things go….”

  • I am NOT about to let something as trivial as a bumper stop me from fitting in this perfect parking space.

  • Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.

  • Local giant plays “horseshoes” on sidewalk.

  • “I told her a hundred times…I only collect AMERICAN made bumpers!”

  • Cars locked to trash cans will be towed.

  • So this story is even stranger than what Mr. T explains. I was at that corner around midnight. I noticed the bumper, and then I saw the car parked on Park Rd. right on that corner. The owner didn’t seem to care that his bumper was in the middle of the triangle. He pulled out of the parking spot and drove away, sans bumper. Is it possible the driver didn’t even notice his bumper was missing? I was too stunned to try to wave the guy down. Or perhaps I was a bit too tipsy…

  • On Saturday morning, I picked up the bumper and tried to chase my girlfriend around the square while making honking sounds. She wasn’t amused.

  • “I am going green, baby! So what if the landfill (and the trashcan) are having a mouthful…for once!”

  • Bumper separated from car at the end of the NBC broadcast of the Olympic ceremony, midnight perhaps. I walked into Mayorga with friends, saw the lighting, walked out as an SUV backed into the car and sped off. Passing pedestrians exclaimed “DAMN!!!!” proceeded to finish off detaching the falling off bumper and try to do the same to a rear view mirror with sadly no success.

    Before this I saw a shirtless man walking around with what seemed like an exposed dialysis bag, a girl pushing her boy/guyfriend/retarded brother in a staples shopping cart into a newspaper vending machine on Irving & Mt. P. Afterwards a man was nearly hit by a speeding car on 11th, and Wonderland was shut down temporarily by the Fire Marshall.

    Sorry to ruin the mystery, I blame the Olympics

  • “No Harry Potter. You do not need to drive through the port keys!!”

  • New non-eco-friendly Nissan ZipCar Not a Hit with Columbia Height’s residents!

  • Columbia Heights resident’s mystified by new J.J. Abrams viral marketing idea.

  • City tries new Modern Art display to beautify 14th Street without success.

  • The casualties and virtues of gentrification

  • “Promise not to get mad…Okay?! What had happened was…”

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