Ordinary or Extraordinary?

DSCN1745, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was stone sober when I walked by these meters but I was stopped dead in my tracks. I was mesmerized by the intricate pipe work. Super fresh.

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  • naw, seriously.
    those things are severely artistic.
    each cluster really unique.
    i’m a huge fan of the one (painted yellow) behind the northbound bus stop on 14th & U…

    Like little urban flowers of craziness.

  • Definitely cool. I like functional things that are nice to look at as well.

  • IntangibleArts and Velo: I have some artwork to sell you. Give me a ring.

  • Is that on 3rd St, near Anna Cooper circle?

  • Just hope it never gets hit by a vehicle off the street. It’s happened in Rockville in Congresional Plaza area, entire apartment complex when up in flames when an out of control car slamed into the exterior gas meters causing an explosion. Another auto accident happened in Annandale or Fairfax City too.

  • G-man:
    Only if it’s ripped savagely from the side of some old building with it’s paint-chipped iron heart still beating… otherwise it’s art-poseur shite, bro.

  • This caught my eye last night. It’s on 17th south of Euclid.

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