Oh No!


The Soul Day Spa and Salon painted over its awesome sign. I loved that sign. I hope they paint a new one. New paint job below.


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  • I, too, loved that sign – it was a pleasant sight while driving south on North Capital. Hp[e they bring it back!!

  • The new paint job looks so much better, at least from what I can see in the picture. It’s really a great building. I won’t miss the giant SOUL sign.

  • Yep, new look is an improvement.

  • liking the new look. gives me more of the spa vibe and less of the rasta feel.

  • The question is – has anyone been to the spa? Is it any good?

  • Yes, I’ve been to this spa and was NOT impressed (last year). The day my spouse and I arrived for spa treatments (1st time – spa treatments costs $100 each), the receptionist acted like we ruined her day because she was on the phone and didn’t even have the courtesy to put the call on hold and welcome us to the spa! I thought maybe I’ll just over look this slight and hoped the services were nice…………..NOT…………. the spa treatments were lackluster (both of us got the BODY TREATMENTS WITH VICHY SHOWER). The ladies giving the treatments were more concerned about their hair (water is involved) then our treatment. THEN the one giving my service got an attitude with me because I requested the water temperature hotter (which caused steam) then what she provided! We vowed to NEVER go there again!!!!!!

    I’ve had spa services all over the world (I travel a bit and I make sure I stay somewhere with either a spa service OR a great spa place close by) and I NEVER experienced such lackluster (okay… rude) customer service. A spa is suppose to relax and energize you …NOT make you feel worse then before you got there.

    I really wanted to support this local establishment and was very excited when they opened. If anyone else has had a better experience, please share…… I may (cross fingers) give it another try.

  • I’ll quote Anakin here: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • I’ve been going to Soul for four years for hair and spa services and I really love the customer service. its like a family but they value your time–i.e. for a hair appointment, i’m usually out in an hour. lovely. and they therapists are good as well. they’ve been in business for five years so that speaks volumes, especially in this economy. give it a try!!

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