New Worst Name For a Condo Building?

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The Celsius. C’mon that’s got to be the worst. Wait, no, when I hear Celsius I think of cold or cool. So this is probably a cool building. Yeah, I get it now. I guess the Fahrenheit would be a good name as well. Actually the Gesundheit would be pretty bad ass…

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  • I believe the official “worst name for a condo in DC” was ‘The Ember’. The new condo association promptly changed it to ‘The Providence’ upon taking over management. I believe the building down the street is still unfortunately named, ‘The Green Ember’.

  • “Turning up the heat in Columbia Heights” posted outside when they were selling units.

  • I thought the slogan was “For Those Who Wish They Lived in Canada.”

  • Hah! I have a family member that lives in there. We make fun of the name all the time.

  • “The Axis” on 200 15th Street SE.

  • It’s not nearly as cool as The Kelvin.

  • Damnit, John, you beat me to it!

  • Isn’t that what Stan Lee says at the end of Spiderman and his amazing friends.

    Did I just date myself.

    On second thought, I think he says excelisor.

  • I’m told that the same developer is actually rehabbing a place next door and they’re really going to call it the Farenheit. No bullshit.

  • Hands down, the most entertaining and perhaps worst name for a condo building is in Adams Morgan – The Shawmut. The dirty/gross-minded eighth-grader within all of us understands why.

  • “The Tiffany” – 16xx D St SE

    As for Arthur’s comment – “The Axis”, I call that one “The Charlie Brown Condo” since the developer butchered & killed that huge Oak tree in front of the Building. The dead trunk is still there too.

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