New Restaurant Kikos Chicken Coming to Upper 14th Street


Thanks to a reader for sending the following news:

“Just wanted to let you know about a new restaurant coming in at 14th and Spring Road, just a block away from Red Derby. I live very near there and just noticed the signs yesterday. As you probably know, the new building it’s in has been in process for a while.

The place is called “Kikos Chicken,” and yes, they do have a Web site:

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to spell, and they think that rotisserie chicken is a “new restaurant concept,” but if it’s good, I’m not gonna care too much about those things, right?”

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  • I wish them luck … but the market is pretty saturated with popular chicken places close to the metro (Campero, Sabroso, soon Desi’s) so I guess they are banking on lots of folks who live in the immediate blocks …

  • As someone who lives in the northern reaches of CH, I think it’s great.

  • Yikes! I have that annoying jingle stuck in my head now… people turn your sound down before going to the website! you have been warned!

  • That area needs another fried chicken hellhole like I need a hole in the head.

  • We are excited. It is a block from home, which is far better than the long and sometimes unpleasant traipse up from Sabrosa, especially when the heat is up. There is no good rotisserie nearby, and they claim to have a different approach to spices. I wonder if and hope they will outshine Pollo Rico in VA.

  • That building infuriates me – to the point that I actually contacted DCRA to see if it was properly permitted. After too many inconclusive responses, I sadly gave up. It destroys that block of historic buildings and encroaches onto the once-generous sidewalk, making the abutting buildings mere afterthoughts on the block. Disgraceful.

  • have to agree. this building suuuuuucks. I think whoever designed it figured there is so much character on the block that the only way to stand out was to just plop down something that looks like it should be in rockville?

  • I heard somewhere that there is going to be a nail salon in that building as well.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Herb.

    That could have been catastrophic on the old ears.

  • It does seem crazy that encroaching on the sidewalk when no other building does is permissible … is there really no D.C. regulation that prevents a building renovation from butting out in that fashion into public space? Seems almost impossible … the property does not own the sidewalk …

  • I don’t think it protrudes out any more than any of the other row houses that have ugly additions built to their fronts to house a small retail space. The difference is that this one extends it to two stories.

    The chicken better be good, and they’d better be careful with their trash – or the RATS will have a feast…

    Oh yeah, another nail/beaty salon.. 🙁

  • I want to eat, Kiko’s right Now! I love the song, and find that misspelling dessert makes me feel like they are good ol’ folks, rather than just some bougie (spelling?) chicken joint.

  • They also misspell “coming” as “comming,” but they certainly aren’t shy about it. It appears multiple times in the flashing, scrolling banner on the right.

  • Even though the song and store carries my Spanish nickname, it is a bit grating, but I’ve had fun sending the link to some family members and friends. 😉

  • This place looks nice inside………’ll be great to go inside and eat a tasty ROTISSERIE OR FRIED chicken…….

  • Hey guys……..they are HIRING NOW !!!!!!! is a good opportunity.

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  • My friend works here. Will visit and eat chicken everyday.

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