New Hampshire Ave Medians Get Grass

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The medians outside the Petworth Metro both north and south were sodded this weekend. I think it looks ok but I was hoping we’d get some trees or flowers or something. I guess I was hoping we’d get something like this…

Do you think the grass looks good?

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  • It looked nice going in, but now it’s kind of dead-ish.

  • i thought i heard something about trees too. it definitely needs something.

  • the plans showed much more extensive/interesting plantings, flowers and trees…not grass, and certainly not dead grass…august is NOT the time to lay sod…duh!

  • Let’s hope they don’t don’t do the whole planting thing. It never goods good. That stuff on 16th street is WAY overgrown. (It was insta-landscaping to begin with — too many shrubs, too big, too close together) Is weed filled except for 2 times a year when it gets cleared. It’s a mess. That little patch you showed on Vermont is equally a mess. Unless the district (or a neighborhood garden club) is going to maintain the area — water it regularly, weed it weekly, trim at least monthly — then the best thing would just be grass and trees. Simple, classic. Low maintenance.

  • Let’s give it some time, I’m sure the grass is just a first step.

  • Definitely needs to be some trees to break this up, otherwise not much of a point. I really wish they would extent this all the way down to Sherman (because isn’t Sherman supposed to get tree-lined medians next year as well?). Would be silly to have all the nice medians and then a concrete break for a few blocks … anyone know the scoop? But I am very happy they are doing this, if it eventually consists of trees and grass, and that is watered and maintained, it will hugely enhance both appearance and safety (by feeling less like a highway to drivers) of the streetscape.

  • The plans, even way back, specifically said they would not be planting trees, just grass. The architecht’s renderings were just showing the, er, potential.

    With luck, and maybe a bit of asking from residents, Casey Trees will plant some.

    I was a bit sceptical we were even going to get the grass, to be honest.

  • Yes, DDOT is SUPPOSED to begin revamping Sherman in 2009.

  • It always looks nice – at least when it’s maintained.

  • Trees would have been nice, but I think the median is probably too small. Perhaps someone with a background in forestry can answer definitively, but the tree roots could damage the street and curbing.

  • are we in a drought? I cant recall the last time it rained. have been seeing a lot of deadish trees and grass.

  • The median is large enough to support trees and as far as I know that is still the plan. I think this is just the first step. Hope someone will be watering 🙂

  • Don’t hold your breath for someone watering. We just had our street and sidewalks repaved, which included laying sod in the new “planter strip.” The paving company watered everyone’s once, I believe, and did the sod adjacent to a school daily for a week or so.

    All other homeowners were on their own. We have a nice patch of dead grass/weeds now.

    So, maybe someone will water for a week or so, but not enough to give the grass a fighting chance.

  • Has anyone else noticed that there’s no bike lane or any way for a bike to go through the intersection without pulling into the lane of traffic or riding on the sidewalk. It seems like quite an oversight. I’ve almost been mowed down by buses while crossing through.

  • beautiful! That’s progress! Wish Sherman Ave would get some trees too…

  • Today I emailed Bowser the following:

    “Please confirm whether the medians on New Hampshire Ave. NW will have tree plantings in addition to the sod that was recently laid. I was at an ANC meeting where this was a topic of debate – please clarify EXACTLY what Petworth residents can expect to see in these medians as well as when.”

    She emailed back:
    “I understand this issue was discussed at two or three ANC4C meetings and they voted for trees in the medians after much discussion. The tree planting seasons are Fall and Spring so I’m guessing that trees will come in later this Fall. DDOT can confirm this.”

    Anna Chamberlin of DDOT emailed back:
    “Ms. Bowser is correct. I am waiting to hear back from our Urban Forestry Administration regarding when the planting will be completed. As soon as I hear back, I will let you know.”

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