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Wow, when did the Angry Inch bar on 18th Street in Adams Morgan change it’s name? I think this new sign looks pretty ridiculous. Do you like this sign?

So what’s the story here, is this a new bar? Is it any good?

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  • Like the sign. Hated Angry Inch. I am pretty sure it was a republican bar cause everytime i was dragged there all the dudes were 5’8″ and had thier shirts tucked in.

  • saf

    I saw them changing the sign either last Friday or the Friday before – I forget exactly, on my way to the Reed. The bar inside still looks the same, but we didn’t go in.

  • Andy Seligman, owner of The Angry Inch Saloon in Adams Morgan is getting a fresh look as well as a new name. The popular bar will become True Story by mid-summer (according to plan) with a new décor by up-and-coming designer John Hutson, who also did the design for Seligman’s other place in Adams Morgan, Grand Central.

  • Very conflicted on the sign, strongly love it and hate it at the same time.

  • I THINK it’s owned by same people as Grand Central (if not, then some other bar in admo – narrows that down, eh?). I hear one of the owners usually ends his tales with “it’s a true story”…hence the name.

  • I would be frightened standing under that sign. I’m sure it’s done to code, but from the picture it looks like it’s only held up by those two little flaps of metal screwed into the wall.

    Just looks a little outsized, is all, and the name is kind of lame. I can’t see myself ever saying “I’m going to go get a drink at true story.”

  • I was there on Wednesday night for a friend’s birthday on the second level. I liked the renovations and atmosphere. I didn’t feel like there would be a bachelorette party arriving at any time (like I did at the Angry Inch).

  • If closing lines of stories are going to be the new bar naming convention, I nominate “Million to one shot, Doc”

  • Original and eye-catching signage. You have to do something to stand out in this stretch of 18th.

    I think i like it – would have to see it in realtime before I can judge for sure.

  • “he popular bar will become True Story by mid-summer (according to plan) with a new décor by up-and-coming designer John Hutson, who also did the design for Seligman’s other place in Adams Morgan, Grand Central.”

    Ugh, I’m sorry, but I think Grand Central is heinous. My eyes hurt from all the faux…everything. Not to my taste.

  • wow, this makes me feel old. This used to be a little latino bar I hung out at in high school called Las Rocas. The tacos smelled like cat food, but the corona always flowed freely. Seeing preppy crap holes like this and the general decline of 18th street into a big NoVa/MD frat party really makes me sad on some levels.

  • saf

    Ontarioroader – I remember Las Rocas. I loved that place. The fishtank, the guitar player who looked like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, and the good margaritas. I was in college then, and it was so affordable and a cool place too!

  • Ah, Las Rocas – they were one of a handful of restaurants that would serve me and my delinquent friends alcohol when we were 14 (Zorba’s in Dupont was another).

  • i have said this before but when are we born and raised people gonna get together and talk about the old days? there are so few of us it would be nice to talk about the old days

  • The name changed because the bar effed up and lost their liquor license. Probably because some dummy brought in a fake ID and ABC caught it- or one of the drunkies wasn’t of age. Whatever the case I work down in the Morgan and remember when they got their license taken away. A bar has no choice but to change everything.

    When you get busted by ABC it’s $5,000 dollar fine- the bartender or manager gets arrested on the spot- and they shut you down. Sometimes 3 days- but in Angry Inch’s Case it was serious- so a bar has no choice but to revamp and renew. That place sucked anyways. Always. I don’t have expectations for the True Story.

  • saf

    “the Morgan”

    Do we have to have this discussion again? Look, it sounds remarkably stupid when you abbreviate neighborhood names like that. It’s not that hard to use the whole name, and it keeps you from sounding like a pretentious twerp.

  • Yes, they got busted for having underage drinkers with fake id’s and were closed by the ABC and, from what the bouncer at the Reef said, slapped with a huge penalty and closed for days. After that, the Inch never re-opened and they began turning it into this new thing the very next week. I’m pretty sure it’s owned by the same person who just wanted a fresh start — not to be known as the guy/bar who was making a buck by letting under age drinkers in.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Saf I’m very disapointed with you. I actually don’t have a problem with “the morgan”. I think you’re being a bit oversensitive calling someone a pretentious twerp and all. You’re calling me a pretentious twerp. And I think anyone who’s met me knows I’m pretentious but certainly not a twerp. So let’s be a bit more cautious in throwing out insults particularly over such simple matters.

  • saf

    Sorry PoP, but I am going to disagree with you here. I did mean SOUND like a pretentious twerp, not BE a pretentious twerp, so… no personal insult intended, just a great deal of irritation at the NY-style wannabe that I hear in that.

    But is is your space, and as such, of course you do get the final word. I shall stop bringing it up, and simply kvetch to myself.

  • wanna be? who cares what the hell someone calls a neighborhood? some things are better ignored and fyi “the morgan” guy/gal had some good info and made some good points. its kind of funny really because sometimes adams morgan does seem like an entity on its own, late sat. night with the massive moving crowds and the cars slowy oozing down the street, a big giant amoeba THE MORGAN!!! swallowing all who venture near in it’s drunken greedy path. yum

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  • st 8:58 ……..true story?

  • What’s with the Stalinistic ABC tactics? I don’t know of any non-muslim country that has such draconian liquor laws.

    Mandatory Jail time for a bartender who doesn’t card a 20-year-old? WTF?

    “Land of the free” my ass.

  • I went to ‘true story’ on its opening night because I live nearby and thought it would be fun to check out. Don’t know if things are still cheap, but drinks were like $3 when I was there. It was like a smaller emptier version of grand central. Fairly crappy but not as crappy as Angry Inch. It is fun to get drunk and end all your stories with ‘true story’ though. DJ was also pretty receptive to requests, but again, not too many people there. I had a good time. We’ll see. Sign is stupid.

  • place is a joke…new sign, new paint, the main owner is still the same as the hole that was the inch. enjoy

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