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Is this Tibet?

Speaking of Tibet how come we haven’t heard a lick about Tibet since the Olympics started? Insane, right?

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  • Yep, it’s Tibet:

    Good point about the Olympics…I wonder if nothing is going on or if the media is just ignoring it.

  • Media is ignoring it here in the US. I was in Europe when the games started and they had quite a bit of coverage of the human rights situation in general and Tibet in particular over there. I guess NBC has exclusive rights to cencorship too?

    Speaking of the broadcast.. e.g. yesterday the beach volley game between Brazil and the US.. its was just HILARIOUS how they barely showed the Brazilian team at all.. the camera was 99% of the time glued to the US players. Pathetic.

  • Those camera feeds probably aren’t from NBC. Usually for global events like the Olympics, there’s one video feed produced by the Olympic crew, then the broadcasting partners in each country get to show it. It’s not like each country sends their own camera crew for each event.

  • Beijing is locked down, guys. NBC news did a good bit yesterday on the question “where are the protestors?” An investigative reporter went to the “protest parks” where there is no protest, then looked for data. of all 77 applications to protest, not one was approved. plus, because you needed to file at the police station in person 5 days before the event, any Chinese national who applied was immediately detained.

    when the camera crew went to ask about it, they were photographed and recorded on video camera, plus were surrounded by detectives of all stripes – plain clothes, etc. the translator (who looked Chinese-American) was definitely getting eyed by the Chinese cops.

    There is no question. China is a repressive state. NBC did a good job of covering this, even if they don’t continually discuss it during sports coverage.

  • U.S. media is closely aligned with U.S. foreign policy interests.

    China is oppressing it’s citizens who want freedom, but economically they own a huge portion of u.s. debt so politics play nice and the media supports them. Ever hear of Tiwan?

    If there was oil in tibet or at least pipelines there would probably be a “worsening of relations” between U.S. and China.

  • Man, it’s the Olympics. Can’t you people just enjoy the competition. You can go back to your regularly scheduled political bitching when the Olympic flame is extinguished. And anyone who’s been to a Radiohead concert would know that the flag is Tibet’s.

  • When a country owns your ass holding your debt, they can pretty much tell you what you get to show on TV.

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