More Dry Cleaning Options Soon


This shop will be located at the corner of 13th and Florida. Have we established the best dry cleaners yet? I’m still going hands down with Georgetown Cleaners.

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  • The city needs to put a moratorium on dry cleaners. They’re ugly and I have no need for a storefront dry cleaners when Bergmans has better quality, picks up and delivers

  • I am trying Sterling cleaners on GA and Irving for the first time this week. It seems extremely expensive, but we’ll see!

  • Ohmygosh!! Bergman’s is still around and picks up? Back in the day, they did my father’s shirts and delivered them folded in boxes. I remember he would keep the cardboard they would place between the shirts. As for my family and I, we cross the park and take loads of sweaters to Zipps Dry Cleaning, a spin-off from Dry Clean Discount or whatever their name is, near UDC. But never anything with a button.

  • This is kind of amusing. When I first moved here, I couldn’t find a dry cleaner to save my life, now they’re like everywhere.

    I use OXXO down by the Giant mostly because I like being able to pick up whenever I feel like. Though this Bergmans seems like something that might appease my laziness instinct even more, I’ll have to look into it.

  • bogfrog-
    Sterling Cleaners is not only extremely expensive, their service stinks. I started going to them because it was so convenient (one block away) and I was able to accept the high prices. Int he three times I went to them they ruined a pair of pants, ripped a shirt, and screwed up 2 ties. I should have stopped at one, but I gave them the benefit of a doubt. The staff is seemingly nice, but tried to claim that I had put inky black stains on khaki slacks, not them. As much as want to support my local GA Ave businesses, Sterling has been put on “My List.”

    Per PoP, I’m headed to Georgetown Cleaners from now on.

  • I’ve had good experiences with French’s on 14th near the Derby. They’re friendly and I think they do everying in house.

  • Oxxo is great for people like me who must MUST be able to pick up their pressed wranglers and pearl-button shirts at 11:27PM on a Tuesday. And that robot arm to retrieve your clothes afterhours surely does work — sort of like an adult version of one of those robot arm machines in Dennys where you can *almost*, but not quite, get a stuffed anteater — I keep hoping that it’ll gimme someone else’s leather jacket or a fur coat, but all I ever git back is my own duds.

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