Montgomery County Agricultural Fair – Awesome!


I’m not sure if anyone had the opportunity to check out the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair up in Gaithersburg but it was phenomenal. It is nice to have the option of checking out a fair like this only 45 minutes away from DC. It had tons of the great food you would expect (deep fried oreos, funnel cakes, corn dogs, corn on the cobb etc.) as well as rides and of course pig races. This was the first agricultural fair I’ve ever attended and I can guarantee you I’ll be back next year. As always the pictures do more justice than anything I can write. But let me just add that there was a demolition derby that was the absolute coolest (see post above). There must have been over 20,000 folks there taking it all in. The vegetarians may want to skip this post as there was a great exhibition of prize winning livestock.


Lots more photos after the jump.


Classic hammer smash, strength competition (he won):

Prize winning pig:

A friendly goat sheep:

A racing goat sheep:

Good looking cow:

Tons of people:

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