Mayorga Lounge Hosting Music and Dance Party


From a reader:

“Glam Racket is a new dance party happening at Mayorga Lounge. As of now the upcoming dates are this Saturday the 16th and the 30th. It’s 21+ and free. The music is a fun, quirky mix of hip hop, indie, pop, electronic, and pretty much anything you can dance to.

I’ve attached a flyer, and people can get free downloads at: or We’re also giving away free CDs (and maybe cupcakes)!”

Think Mayorga is a good spot to host a party like this?

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  • “No Douchebags”. LOL!!!

  • yes! can we get a PoP group together to represent? pregame at PoPs then head on down, woot!

  • Another example of a commercial space too big. What is Mayorga nowadays? Coffee Shop? Korean restaurant? Club?

  • I’m almost positive that any party that specifies “No Douchebags” on the invite, will have lots of them.

  • Speaking as a douchebag, I am outraged that Mayorga is hosting events that descriminate against me.

  • See, only douchebags spell it “descriminate.” I rest my case.

  • @fancypants: priceless!!

    Douchebag says what?

  • it’s a great space– i hope the event turns out

  • It’d be great if Mayorga would just put us all out of our misery and close already.

  • Shouldn’t matter the venue! It’s all about the DJ and DJ Doc Rok is the shit! His Parties at Rock and Roll Hotel are always sick and the last Mayorga one was a blast too! Stop the Hate Masterbate, Or come to the party and maybe not have to masterbate that night!

  • …there’s always got to be a hater… jeez

  • I wish Mayorga would just focus on being a really good coffee bar again, with alcohol service beginning at a certain hour of the evening. No dance parties (in that tiny space?), salad bars, and please remove the film from the windows so you can see outside. Trying to be all things to all people is not good.

  • Anon, I kinda like the space. Yeah, they have weird parties, but it’s a visually very cool space and the bar is a nice complement to ho’land, derby, temperance, and red rocks. When you want to go get a relaxed drink with someone after work and not be in a dive, it’s good to have around.

  • Mayorga reminds me of Abu’s restaurant in Seinfeld (the Italian / Indian / Chinese / Irish place …). They should just bite the bullet and switch to all-Pakistani food already. Talk about a place with a serious identity crisis.

    If they just picked one thing, did it REALLY well, at a reasonable price, MARKETED themselves a little bit, and stuck with it over time, they’d do great. My suggestion, and this would have some synergy with the coffee crowd: really tasty paninis, great deli sandwiches, just turn into a really good lite fare / coffee shop and market the hell out of themselves. They’d do very well.

    I do, however, like the no douchebags. How will this policy be enforced, I wonder?

  • Jamie:

    why refer to Wonderland as Ho’land?

    is this a known HO hang out?

  • I just wanna dance!

  • I think it would be great if Mayorga also added an all you can eat pasta bar like they used to have at the Wendy’s super bar.

  • I think it would be better if they added an all you can eat cupcake bar like they have at… well nowhere I guess that’s why it would be great

  • I was sad to find that Mayorga CH didn’t have the same menu as Mayorga Silver Spring.. UNTIL I had the Bim Bim Bop there. MMMMM, it’s good. There are plenty of other normal panini making coffee shops out there.. I’m pretty content with this Mayorga. Especially if it gives me a fun place to dance so close to my apartment!

  • Mr. T- I think the neighborhood is diverse so it’s not too bad for Mayorga to try to be all things to all people. Its a business so they’ll try new things and see what works. If no one is coming to the Korean dinners, they will have to change it up or sink. If no one comes to the dance parties, change it up or sink.

    I’ve gone to “Club Mayorga” in the past and had a great time. If you don’t like hip hop and dancing, obviously you won’t enjoy, but some people do.

    If you don’t want music and dancing, there is Red Derby (awesome bar). I feel that a lot of people who comment on POP don’t recognize that there are different people in the neighborhood and surrounding areas that have different tastes.

    Don’t they begin alcohol service at 5PM or so?

    Doesn’t Ruby Tuesdays have a salad bar?

  • yay! thanks for posting 🙂

    this will be a good time, i don’t care what anyone says about mayorga – clubs/coffeeshops/lounges are allowed to have their “who am i” moments too.

    more importantly, does everyone like lemon-lime?

  • This has me thinking that a “Total Douchebag” themed party might be fun.. I’ll start shopping now for a sweet pair of boat shoes for my husband. Or I could just call my dad and ask him to send us his pair for the weekend…

    Anyway- I hope this event is a success!

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