Lululemon, Yoga Apparel Shop To Open In Logan Circle

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Thanks to a reader for sending the news.

“For all your loyal readers who practice yoga (of which I feel safe to assume there are a few), a great yoga apparel store is opening across from Whole Foods on P street” (1515 Fifteenth St).

I’m pretty sure a friend of mine who does yoga is infatuated with this store. Anyone familiar with it?

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  • Damn, my fiancee’s cousin got her hooked on lululemon…I know nothing about yoga; it appears to be high quality workout gear (she got some from Santa last year), but it costs an arm and a leg! Between a trip to Whole Foods and lululemon, you can kiss a paycheck goodbye!!!

  • I know a couple of Lululemon’s employees here in the DC area, and they LOVE working there. They offer free yoga in Dupont Circle, I think on Wednesday nights.

  • I almost wish this would open in CH / Petworth, not because I have any desire for a yoga apparel store (I don’t), but rather for the entertaining explosion of outrage it would inspire on these boards — you think a wine bar pisses people off? Imagine a YOGA APPAREL store … can’t get more yuppie than that, unless they start selling soy macchiato’s along with the yoga gear. OK, well maybe a dog bakery would top that, but it’s a close call …

  • Yeah Lululemon is awesome, but so f$%*ing expensive. It is nice to have one in DC though, because you can’t buy their clothes online and have to find a “certified retailer” of it to buy the clothes…

  • what about a dog day spa/beauty salon for dcdirewolf?

  • again, this is is not a hate-oriented comment, but as the saxophonist ornette coleman once said-“no army wears a different uniform.” many of us have disparaging things to say about what might be considered the trappings of folks in a different socio-economic class ( the cars, food, choice of dog)-but dang if things like yoga studios , whole foods, etc. arent straight out of the “stuff white people like” playbook…am i right or wrong?

  • Petworthy: 😀

  • New2CH, if I hadn’t have already awarded by “best comment of the day” suggestion to a commenter in a different thread, you would surely have it. Nice touch with the Dog Bakery idea- and I think it would have the word “Barkery” in its name.

  • Yes, their stuff is expensive but it’s really COMFORTABLE, well made, and lasts a long time. If you stay away from the trendy stuff, you can wear their stuff for years. I have and I’m really rough on clothes. I’m thrilled that we are getting a store or two in DC.

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