Killer City Sign

DSCN1993, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You’ve probably seen the other sign for this store but I never paid much attention to this one. I think it’s much better. And who knew they also made keys…

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  • “Leon’s Shoe Repair: Make keys… and eat German magicians.”

  • Hey, does anyone know who the artist who did this sign is? I love the style.

  • the sign is 20 years old easy The shame of it is that the shop owners are completely insane and open the store for about an hour a day, meaning if you drop off your shoes it can take a month to get them back if they aren’t open at night or on Saturdays. A friend told me that he saw two women get in a fistfight there, but I can’t confirm.

  • That’s shops been around for ages and I believe it is now being run by Leon’s sons. But if anyone’s ever been inside… whoa… kindof a mess in there. The place could use a facelift and more light… But I do have some major respect for a neighborhood shop that’s still representing after years and years.

  • he sells weed from inside. not a lot of shoe business going on in there…

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