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Here’s some new construction on H Street behind Union Station. I have to say I think it looks phenomenal. I like how they built around the existing structure. I think it blends quite nicely. What do you think – thumbs up or down?

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  • Up. Nice massing.

  • They’re absolutely gorgeous but super-expensive for the area. Of course, you get former Mayor Williams and Sheila Johnson as neighbors, so maybe that makes the starting price of $494K for a one-bedroom worth it.

  • Definitely up; it’s a very smart and well planned development providing greater density near Metro. I also like it aesthetically. More people, more tax dollars while not necessitating an increase of automobiles, fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

    Here’s to hoping other developments follow the example.

  • I agree with Nichole, Thumbs up for esthetic, thumbs down for price. There is really nothing around them, they’re next to a railroad track and the edges of a transition neighborhood, even the rent here is insane.

  • i live next door to this development. it’s very cool. it takes me 6 minutes to walk to union station. pretty good deal, if you ask me. the area is coming up, AND we have a hairy tweeter opening up three blocks away.

    these are good deals if you have a vision greater than 6 months in the future.

    2 years from now, you’ll be begging to get a place at these prices. trust me, i know.

    this comes from a reader that bought a house in g-town in ’98 for $250k (sold for over twice that in 2003), lived in columbia heights in a rental for $800 a month (1k square feet), and bought on NE, next to this place for a sum that boggles the mind (around $230k – row house – 2 bedroom) in 2005.

    check out frozentropics to see what’s happening in ‘da hood’.

    if you are a buyer of real estate, EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!

    unless you’re extremely shortsighted…..

  • Former exurb dwellers from Fairfax and Germantown, swayed by real estate brochures promising beautiful neighbors and instant urban hipsterdom, will snap these up at any price.

  • Well, it would certainly be worth the private tour with Anne Blakeman (see their site).. she is a babe…

  • @Anon 12:55 – no doubt!

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