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  • Looks cheaply-made.

  • Yeah, that damn solid red brick is so cheap… ha. Looks great.

  • to my untrained eye it looks as though modernism and brutalism got it on and this is what popped out.

  • modernism, brutalism, and ballston. When are we gonna get some less tacky building materials?

  • So mostly brick is now tacky? Hmm..

    Even a non-architect can also figure out that the lighter upper part is intended to reduce the visual impact of the building mass and height, given the lower building on the left.

  • there are about a million different kinds of brick. add to that stones, metals, woods, glass. yet everything that goes up looks like a CVS. face it this town is stuck in an archetictual funk. Though I think we are on the verge of an upswing.

  • To both anonymouses…exactly what features of that building match the features of modernism or brutalism? None…this building exemplifies post-modern architecture, or perhaps just contemporary architecture…”modern” has a specific meaning and if you research it, you will see why this building is not modern….I realize that 100 y/o townhome worship dumbs down the residents of DC, but there is more to architecture than traditional and modern.

  • and i realize that ballston worship dumbs down the transplants the relocate here and think that what is pictured above is anything but ugly.

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