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  • I used to live half a block from that site on Monroe Street, ages ago… and still can’t believe what the corner looks like now — I mean, it’s great to have new fresh energy on the block ‘n all, but wow; Seems a bit MUCH, design-wise, dunnit?

    At the very least, it makes for a weird battle of vibes across the street, versus CC’s liquor store… But CC’s is a scrappy fighter, and will not be beaten easily!

  • It’s very cool, you can see classes going on as you walk by on 14th.

  • Nothing makes me happier than walking past that building on a cold dark winter night and seeing dance classes happening in the studios upstairs. And I don’t even really like ballet. So- I like the fact they they clearly designed this building to serve the purpose that it’s serving. They’re also doing some incredibly cool stuff in the lower levels- I’m not sure if it’s Head Start, or just working with Head Start, but some sort of cool looking early childhood education is happening there, which I think is a great way to help pay the bills, as dance school typically run on very, very tight budgets.

  • Looks good and fresh now but I doubt it will age well. In 20-30 years this will look like what 60’s and 70’s building look like to us now.

  • It’s not a bad looking building but upon closer inspection you can tell it was constructed on the cheap. While that’s not unreasonable for an organization of this type, I just hope they are able to maintain the building inside and out so that it doesn’t deteriorate.

  • It’s a pedophile’s dream.

  • ya, not a huge fan of the stucco – glass mix.

  • U-G-L-Y but appreciate the mission of the school….

  • Great building, terrible signage. Did they run out of cash, or is their logo that bad?

  • I think it already looks dated. Like the architect came of age some 30 years ago, and hasn’t changed his style since then.

    And sadly, I agree with the previous poster who mentioned pedophile’s dream. While I love that kids are getting this kind of exercise and instruction, I don’t really like that they’re on display like that.

  • one word – fugly!

  • I like it. It does have a 60s modern feel to it, but I love that they’ve put that much glass on it and you can see what’s happening from the outside. As for all this junk about pedophilia, I’ve never seen anyone hovering outside the building and I don’t think we need to wall kids in without windows for the sake of someone’s paranoia. Besides, are the classes for adults or for kids? I don’t know.

  • I’m not a huge fan of its form, but I think it has a great place where it is. I live right here on Monroe and pedophilia aside, I love being able to see the dance classes inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hanging out in front of CC’s to watch, but its a refreshing to see movement inside if nothing more than a passing glance on my walk home. The elevated dance studio provides a sense of life on what can otherwise be a very dead portion of 14th street.

  • Hate to say it, but I’ve seen men lingering to watch the classes from the sidewalk. Yeah, I know, they too might like the beauty and life-affirming vibe of the ballet classes radiating out like a beacon. Or, something more creepy. Hard to know, and of course you don’t want to be paranoid OR naive.

    But on balance, in addition to being a reasonably attractive modern building given their probable budget, I think it sends a great, visible signal to the youth in this city who can’t seem to imagine the amazing things life can offer (beyond the charms of thug life I mean).

  • Didn’t Target donate a chunk of change for this?

    I think it is a great addition and am truly happy it’s there. That said, I do remember walking by one evening and seeing girls, maybe around 12-years old, in tights dancing, and yes, I immediately realized this may be a bit too much of a display for the passerby’ers with less-than-pure thoughts. I know it’s sad, but it’s the world we live in.

  • cheap modernism. horrid typography. but i am glad they are there.

  • I like it…and the inside is definitely beautiful…open spaces. The contrast of it is interesting to me and it fits with all the new hubub of the neighborhood. and the mango cart that seems to live outside of the building ads to any architecture 🙂

  • It beats the empty lot that was there for years…

  • Nice generalizations. Okay, well then, everyone who goes to a ballet recital is a pedophile.

    I guess poor people and/or men (god forbid POOR MEN)can’t admire classic art forms without being considered sexual deviants? How dare those men find dance visually stimulating. They should just keep staring at their feet.

    Huzzah, way to preserve the American dream of limiting the arts to the wealthy!

    ending sarcastic rant to say:
    Yes, still loving the window. Its a form of community outreach.

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