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Can’t believe I haven’t asked about this one before. So what do you guys think about Felix in Adams Morgan? Actually in addition to the architecture what about the place itself? Any fans out there?

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  • I like the fact that they tried to do something different with the facade—whether it looks good or bad, at least its interesting (I love the barrel house liquor store on 14th and wish there were more “theme” buildings….it livens up the space).

    Never a big fan of Felix. Just an oversized frat house IMO.

  • I remember when they made that facade. It was so cool to me back then. I still like it and at this point it is an icon of adams morgan and hope it stays for good. that stretch of 18th has a lot of character and I hope it stays that way as it continues to gentrify. Curious how wider sidewalks and other improvements will change the face of the area. Still think making 18th a pedestrian only street at night make more sense than wider sidewalks. that being said felix is not my scene.

  • heinous all around

  • a botched abortion comes to mind…..

  • Ugh, monstrous. But I do like the curtains in the window.

  • The building is kind of a garbled mess, and is not helped by the fact that it appears to be aging badly behind the oh-so-moden angular facade. Kind of hard to pull off the future-is-now vibe when one of the windows of the plain brick building you are bolting all this pointless crap onto has boarded-up windows. Never been to the bar.

  • I give them props for trying, and while parts of it look neat, overall the effect is a disaster. Aside from the obvious THESE TWO PARTS DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER issue, the metal work facade just seems… I don’t know. It’s missing something. It’s off. It’s not right.

  • It looks a little like a set from Blade Runner.

  • I don’t mind the building itself — it adds interest — but Felix the bar is a haven for some serious losers.

  • by far one of the cooler assets of the neighborhood. Guessing the people knocking it are from PA or Jersey. Wish we got some cooler transplants in dc but oh well. Long as you guys are what we have to work with this city will continue its march into blandification. I know the bar sucks. I mean hell all the bars in adams morgan save maybe 3 do but the facade is a keeper. Beats tearing it off and painting it a “funky” color. you want the whole city looking like gtown?

  • Which bar don’t suck Anon 10:55?

  • saf

    I am going to show my age here.

    That used to be a really cool large row house, as did the building next door (Idle Times original location). Then the Felix dorks bought it, closing my favorite Indian restaurant (India Gate). A number of years later, they bought the space that Idle Times was in, but at least the bookstore was able to move rather than close.

    I don’t like what they did to the space, but when they first opened, they made good food, and we enjoyed going there to eat and to hang out after dinner. Even that long ago, the late-night scene there was a bit too clubby for us.

    But over time, the restaurant part declined, and the club part rose. And the food went downhill, and the service, lord, did that get bad. Felix is the site of the worst wine service ever – the night that 4 of us ordered a bottle of wine and watched in amazement as the waitress poured the entire bottle into 3 glasses and then said, “So, you’d like to order another bottle?” That was the last time we went there – the food was bad, the wine service had become impossible… there was no longer any point.

    And so, a cool old building has become stupid looking, and 2 good places have become one blah place. Sucks. Just sucks.

  • LOL at the last post.

    just LOL

  • saf

    C’mon anonnne-whatsit, you know I’m right. The food was WAY better and WAY cheaper at India Gate, and the service was light years ahead of Felix’s.

  • chris of colorado… i was going to say “abortion” but you beat me to it

  • they used to have jewish food on fridays and on jewish holidays it was pretty good.

  • Dude, really, India Gate was not that good. My wife and I went in there once when we first started dating- 1992?- and he said, “all you can eat buffet lunch, $5 or whatever. And I’m like, cool, yeah, let’s check it out, so we do the buffet and it’s ok, and I get up to get something else and the guy is like, “what are you doing?!” And I’m like, “we ordered the buffet.” He responds, seriously, “BUFFET- ONE TRIP ONLY!” And you could see everyone in the place that afternoon just turn to him and stare- one guy I remember because he left the fork hanging out of his mouth as he got up to argue with the guy. I am pretty sure my wife put the money down and stiffed the waiter for his “Bait and switch.” We never returned of course.

    It’s been many years, but that was definitely the indian place next to Idle Time.

    “Buffet- One Trip Only!”

  • saf

    Ha, Neener, that’s amazingly funny, in a sad way.

    I was never there for lunch, so never experienced that.

  • If just judging the blding… I would say that Felix is not bad, but could use a few updated features to make it look Ultra Modern, maybe fixing the windows that are brown and a real good power wash… Now when u go inside it needs alot of renovations… The ouside so doesnt match what’s going on in the inside.

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