Is This Condo Ever Going To Go On Sale


I feel like this building has been under construction for ages on New Hampshire Ave a couple blocks south of the Petworth metro. I don’t think it’s the best looking building but I do appreciate that they used brick instead of vinyl for the third floor. So how long does it take for a condo renovation like this to be completed? It’s been years, yeah?

Just curious, what do you think of third floor?

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  • Funny, I drove by this over the weekend and thought “nicer than average pop up, w/o the vinyl. I wonder what PoP thinks about this.” Yet, despite the better-than-most design, I think the bldg still looks institutional – best suited for government, a school, or even prison.

    The rather large house across (cady corner) the street appears to remain vacant too.

  • Both this one and the ugly vinyl-topped one PoP posted about the other day could stand to have something along the roof line to better integrate these buildings into the block. With a massive wall of vinyl (or brick) with nothing visually interesting or similar to the neighboring roof line, it just sticks out. For instance, if this one had a short slanted roof with terra cotta tiles and a small dormer above the new third floor windows (instead of a sheer brick face), it would look 100% better.

  • Just a few choice edits can make all the difference:

  • This place if FUBAR, just barely better than the other pop up abomination across the street … such a shame to ruin beautiful historic districts with these hideous architectural abortions.

  • I wouldn’t say its pretty, but its not even in the same ballpark as the other popups.

  • a monstrosity

  • Yeah, it’s not great. Odentex is certainly right that it would be improved with something, anything other than the unadorned squared-off roof. And what’s with the random little incursion of light brick up the side but not the front? Couldn’t they be bothered to demo the original roof down to flat before they started bricking the third floor?

    A lot better than the siding, I think, but jeez, still pretty lame. A pity, because the first two floors look pretty cool, with the contrasting grey stone up the corners and around the window (or is that paint? can’t tell, but looks cool).

    They better hurry up – once one or more of the big condo buildings open up on georgia, they may have missed their moment.

  • ugly. ugly. ugly.

    I understand that flippers (esp. condo flippers) want to make lots of money or at least make the project worth it financially – but seriously is this the best they could do? This shit is just lazy and half-ass.

    And if I was in the market for a condo – I wouldn’t even go into this building to see what’s going on in the inside. Drive by appeal is important for resale and this has absolutely no drive by appeal and I would therefor think resale would be very difficult (not that the developers care about that).

  • The third floor, while better than some other pop-tops I’ve seen, is still rather uninspired. The whole building fails on aesthetics with the crap on the left, I know it’s for safety and all but those stairs combined with the uninspired brick. Make a boring building ugly.

    I have to question the developers/architects sensibility when they waist a great architectural canvas as visible as that one…

  • Is it done? Maybe there are plans to add some sort of roof line facade? It seems like that would add a lot and not be too terribly spendy since it would really only be cosmetic.

  • I’d like to see them paint the brick to match the rest of the house.. it looks rather silly as is.

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