Interesting Table

DSCN1414, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks like it was once a gigantic spool of thread, right? I love cool tables like this. But what do you think this table’s original purpose was?

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  • The spools are cable reels. Back in the day virtually every self respecting college student had one as a coffee table.

  • Susie is right. However, if it was to be used in a nice living room carpet would be stapled to it.

  • I never had one, but I knew people who did.

  • Cable spool. We used to play with them as kids — remove the boards from the center of the spool, then nail the removed boards and a bunch more around the outside of the two wheels. Climb in through the hole in the middle and ride inside it down a hill. Always ended in tears eventually…

  • All that porch is missing is a couch and empty beer cans…sorry, I always get a bit weepy for my college days this time of year.

  • My siblings and I used to have races by standing on these things and walking backwards at high speeds.

  • seriously, where did you go to college where you didn’t have one of these that had been in the house since 1978?

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