I Kind Of Dig This Pond

DSCN1040, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I can’t put my finger on it but this pond really speaks to me.

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  • It’s the sweet gold mediating frog at the 5 o’clock position that’s doing it… it gives the pond a good vibe. I wish I knew where to get one for myself. A gold frog that is. A good vibe too I guess.

  • Velo, if you can’t find a gold frog, spray paint usually fixes everything, at least that’s what my roommate would say.

  • I think its because it looks like even you could have built it.. 😉

  • I bought the same frog at Pier One last year. Might be worth checking out – maybe they still have ’em. Sadly, I left mine in the garden last winter and some of his paint flaked off, but now he looks more ‘rustic.’

  • PoP perhaps because it fits your froggy profile…?

  • PoP, if you like this one, check at the one at the corner of Holmead and Monroe. The house is also for sale, and would be an excellent candidate for your Deal or Not section, or whatever it’s called.

  • Reminds me for some reason…went to Brightwood Bistro last night. They have frog legs on the menu.

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