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Anyone know if there are plans to refurbish and reopen this theater? I imagine it was quite grand back in the day. It’s located at 600 block of T Street, NW near Florida.


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  • John Kelly of the Post did a write up about it a few years ago ( I haven’t seen any updates since.

  • saf

    There was a flurry of press about this a few months back. Since then, there has been silence again, but there are plans. Let’s see if I can find anything…

    Here we go:
    They have links to all the recent press coverage.

  • There had been some talk of turning it into a Starbucks.. No, I mean a CVS.. Just kidding.. The planned renaissance seems to be and off and on thing. Mostly off.

  • The plan is still a go. The group behind it is in fundraising mode now and seem to have monthly events (e.g., lectures about the theater, mix-n-mingles, etc.) aimed at generating interest and raising money. There’s a great group of people and companies behind the theater, so I’m optimistic that it’s just a matter of time before we see the plans realized.

    I imagine that the Broadcast Center One development moving forward (whch should’ve broken ground earlier this year–I fear the poor financial condition of the future anchor tenant, Radio One, is the holdup) is integral to the theater overhaul moving forward, as they’re envisioned as redevelopments with great synergy with one another.

  • from dcmud

    Early this year, Fenty signed a Land Disposition Agreement with Broadcast Center One Partners LLC, (Ellis Development and Four Points, LLC) that will bring African-American-owned Radio One to the district. The $144 million Broadcast Center One at 7th and S Streets, NW will be a mixed-use project with 135 market-rate and 45 affordable residential units as well as 96,000 s.f. of office space and 22,000 s.f. of retail space. According to Fenty’s office, “the deal also sets in motion the $22 million redevelopment of the Howard Theater, a long-shuttered landmark that was the hub of black Broadway.” If it gets built; the timeline remains uncertain.

  • Sadly, the business model seems to be a souped up version of the Lincoln Theater down the street, which has been having difficulty covering expenses. It will offer a jazz museum, “gourmet” dining, and performance space. I don’t expect to see any progress on the Howard for the near future.

  • Here is the link to the DC MUD post of today that someone I think was mentioning above:

  • Yeah I really like the night time rendering of the theater they have done, really nice looking!

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