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  • saf

    Anyone who has seen my house (interior) can tell you that I am not afraid of color. Deep, serious, intense color.

    I hate painted brick, and I hate yellow, so this is not so much my thing. Not too bright, but not rock and roll either. Stop painting brick, start painting trim and interiors!

  • it was incredible to see the transformation of this house that went on all summer (i live across the street)…they did everything to the front exterior: completely demolished and rebuilt the porch, stairs, walkway from sidewalk, changed the walls next to the stairs ( they were not stepped before), removed the ugly aluminum awnings from porch and windows, replaced all windows and door, completely landscaped, and then the paint job is pretty serious…all of the details are different colors…true, colors i would not have picked, but i think the house looks amazing.

    and to saf: you know how hard and expensive and actually bad for your bricks it is to remove paint…once the house is painted its all you can really keep doing….my house is one of only 2 on the block that are not painted.

  • Can you purchase do-it-yourself furniture in this house???

    A little much for me, but it looks like the neighboring houses are painted so it isn’t as bad…

  • saf

    True, once done, it cannot be undone. Hence, I encourage people to avoid painting brick to begin with!

  • totally Rock & Roll! ..and paint the brick! totally adds to the personality of DC.

  • Just long rodents of unusual size, there is no such thing as too bright of a house.

  • Should be just “like” not just “long”

  • I also live on this block and when the paint started going on I first thought it was way too bright. But actually it holds together very well, especially with the dark trim around the windows and the doors, and the beautiful dark stained wood railing. Their garden is also very beautiful and complements the paint color very well – lots of very dark-leaved ground covers with spots of bright yellow-green grass and the Japanese maple.

  • This house also has the “Front Steps of the Day” – the steps are concrete but covered with a coating of gravel/pebbles. It’s a very nice way of dressing it up, would love to do the same thing on my house.

  • I like it. It’s exuberant.

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