Holy Awesome! The Film Persepolis Being Shown Outdoors on Georgia Ave. Tonight

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. Film starts at 9pm on Georgia Ave. just north of Morton.

From the DC Students for a Democratic Society Web site:

Persepolis @ Summer Walk-In Theater


08/22/2008 – 21:00


08/22/2008 – 23:00

“Come enjoy a walk-in movie with popcorn and sweet tea! We’ll be projecting the film onto the blank white wall of an abandoned house and discussing it in the parking lot of the grocery store right next door.”

Super cool. What ever your politics are Persepolis is a great film and it’s even cooler to catch it outdoors!

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  • Wow. Hanging out in an empty parking lot next to an abandoned building across the street from Park-Morton in the middle of the night…

    Sounds like a great idea.

  • oh look. someone found something negative to say about a FREE MOVIE.

  • DCDude’s another one who belongs in a gated community in Fairfax. He’ll figure it out eventually.

  • I stopped by for a few minutes to check it out. I was amazed at the turnout. There were quite a few people, many more than I thought, considering the location….

  • I was sad to miss it- I really enjoyed the book and have been wanting to see the movie. Anyone know if this will be an ongoing thing???

  • I was sad to miss it too…. out of town Friday night. I don’t see any other such events listed on their website — just RNC convention events and upcoming meetings

  • Thanks for posting this up and I’m glad people enjoyed the screening. Yes, they are a regular thing–we do them monthly. The screenings are a bit of community building by the students (high school on up) and youth that make up DC Students for a Democratic Society and we aim to show politically themed movies that everyone can enjoy. This would be the fourth screening we’ve done so far and we’ll keep it up as long as weather permits. You can find info on our website for the next one and other events we do and we’ll make sure to e-mail an announcement to Prince of Petworth next time.

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