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Yikes, I didn’t realize people still used guard dogs. Anyone recognize what he’s guarding. Building after the jump.

Looking good:


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  • I can’t say for sure if this is The Lacey condo going up next to the Florida Grill, but I see two rottwieler guard dogs at that constuction site at night.

  • These dogs have been here all summer and it makes me mad because they sit out there with no shade on 90 degree days. I thought about calling the authorities, but I’m not sure there is anything they can do.

  • There are laws about appropriate shelter for outdoor dogs and access to food/water. If you know they don’t have shelter then I would definitely call the Washington Humane Society and report possibly cruelty. I’ve been on a ride-along with them and, surprisingly for a D.C. government entity, they really answer calls and investigate reports of abuse/neglect.

  • They have two doghouse like structures in the back, on the alley. I don’t really like the idea of guard dogs in the neighborhood (I live a couple doors down). They seem to be very nasty and growl quite a bit. I’m afraid they’re going to get out and maul somebody. And yes, that’s the Lacey condominiums. Crazy design on the inside, I’ve heard.

  • After seeing all the well-loved pet dogs and cats in the recent “coolest pet” contest, it is a bit painful to think about the quality of life of one of these guard dogs. It seems an inhumane way to save a few bucks on security cameras/guards/lights. If they do not have adequate food, water, shade, and shelter from rain, someone should notify the Humane Society.

  • My husband and I walk by this construction site every morning with our two dogs. These rottweilers are actually very nice dogs, they stop growling once they have seen you a few times. Our dogs can be pretty excitable and they have no problems with these guys. They do have doghouses (which are under a covered area) and appear to be well cared for (just a little muddy!). We usually chat with the construction workers there, and they say the dogs are very nice. One worker showed us some pictures of his dog — since there are some “dog people” working there I think everything is OK with these guys.

  • I think it’s refreshing to see a couple of dogs with real jobs rather than pictures of a freeloader like Izzy the Cat. Our dog, the Slightly Confused Watchdog, exhibits those same hard-working ‘Merican traits, what Obama is calling the ‘Merican Promise. SCW gets up every morning and barks at cars, small children, and the wind. Her toil is never done until late in the day after she’s hopped around the cat, chased her tail, and settled in for a good night of barking at the hot water heater, the A/C condenser, the buzzing flourescent light, and her mom and dad walking up the stairs. She has her worries — will there be health care? Will lapdogs be taxed appropriately? When will the government stop the menace of thunderstorms? But, like many working-class dogs she toils on, barking up a storm, from dawn till dusk.

    It makes me proud to be ‘Merican.

  • Seriously, hook a sled or plow to Izzy. It isn’t like our yards are that big — she could have it tilled in days. (Unless it’s David’s corner yard; that thing is huge!)

  • I think if you taped Izzy to a 4′ broom handle you’d have a pretty decent swiffer.

  • I’ve seen guard dogs at the plumbing company’s parking lot at the corner of Sherman & Girard as well.

  • I walk my dogs by there quite frequently, and even when we are accross the street they bark and growl and jump up on the fence. I am terrified that they will one day make it over the fence and come after me and my dogs. Maybe its because I have a huge black lab who is very dominant and vocal, but they are extremely scary. Anon 9:41 – I don’t know why those dogs are so nice to you, perhaps its becuase you walk by there when the workers are in the area – we walk by in the evenings when the dogs are proctecting the site. That would be one hell of a lawsuit if one were to get out and maul some dog or person – I feel like its bound to happen.

  • I saw the guard dog last week when I was walking my own dogs…I frankly can’t believe they actually do that. Seems pretty curel to me. Since Division 1 is both the architect and the developer, I’d encourage everyone to let them know how un-appreciated their treatment of animals is…along with DC animal control.

  • These dogs used to bark at me just about every morning when I ran by, but hardly do anymore. I thought perhaps someone had called the authorities about them, but maybe they’re just less aggressive than they used to be.

  • i passed a couple very angry dogs wandering around Trinidad one night looking for Jimmy Valentines. I know I know wandering around trinidad drunk at 3 in the morning is not a good idea. but I tried to dog whisper them and that didnt work so I just kicked the fence a couple times to piss them off more.

  • I don’t think there is anything cruel about working animals. It’s a relationship that’s been around for kind of a long time and seems to work. The doggies seem well trained, fat and happy. They have shelter, water and a job to do. I think that’s a trifecta for dog happiness. If dogs could talk, I’m sure most would agree that making them wear rain coats and pee on piddle pads is much more inhumane than putting them to work on a job site where they get to hang out with the crew all day.

    My dog needs a job. She’s bored to bits.

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