Good Deal or Not? Rental Edition


This house located at 1919 17th St NW looks pretty sweet. It’s also really close to U Street, Adams Morgan and Dupont. The sign says 3 bedroom/2 bathroom duplex and totally renovated. The price is $3,500 + utilities. Good rental deal or not?


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  • For $1167 per person plus utilities, I’d like to see everyone get a private bathroom, or have utilities included, but otherwise, it looks like a well-kept house in a great location. It’s not a particularly good deal – for $1300 a month you could certainly find a nice private 1BR in the area, especially if you expanded your search to Mt. Pleasant and CH – but if it’s amazing on the inside and you were living with the right people, it could be worth it.

  • 2 bedroom 1 bath house on the Hill was just rented for $2500/mo – and that house looks nicer in many ways – so that sounds good or at least better than the one on the Hill.

  • For struggling young professionals with monthly college consolidated debt payments that are bigger than Porche payments the answer is no.

  • friends of ours n MTP split their house into two apartments and rent them both out for $4500 total. That’s $1500 for the basement apt and $3000 for the two upper floors, three bedrooms and 2 baths and garage for one. Plus they have a multi-layered backyard deck. Not sure what anyone gets here for an additional $500.

  • Hard to say…what some people consider a nice “modern” succesfull renovation in this town would leave many wanting. Based on the location, the price could certainly be acceptable pending the actual quality of the interior.

    KKeynon wrote, “for $1300 a month you could certainly find a nice private 1BR in the area, especially if you expanded your search to Mt. Pleasant and CH.” I am sure you could find a 1-BR in those neighborhoods for that price…but I am guessing many people would much rather live at 17/T in a share for $1,166/month than in either of those areas for $1,300. I do not think you will find a nice quality 1-br on that end of U Street for $1,300. At 17/T(/U), you are pretty much in Dupont Circle (or ADMO depending how you look at it). For $1,300, I would say you are more likely to find a quality studio or efficiency, but not a true 1-BR (you will find 1-BR, but they are likely to be average quality basements for sub-bar out-of-date above-ground units).

  • Where can you find a nice, private, renovated 1BR in that area? Further north, sure, but I’ve been looking and rarely see much under $1500 for those qualities. Except maybe an English basement.

    Seriously, where?

  • Neener: For all the griping we see about Mt. P here, it seems like the answer is obvious. In case not, the answer to the question of what the extra $500 buys appears to be “not being in Mt. P” (or if you’re into being positive, being just south of U St.).

  • It’s a fair deal.

  • This is a terrible deal. You could rent a mansion in Trinidad for that much money. And Trinidad is only a short bike ride away.

  • I feel like people are confusing two things. That apartment strikes me as a fair deal for the size and location. Not a steal or anything, but not outrageously priced. That is separate from the very true point that you can get a better deal in neighboring areas.

  • I think that people are missing the point. Living in Trinidad and being a “short” bike ride away from U Street/dupont is not the same as living there. I doubt most people who want to live on U Street would be placated by paying the same for a bigger place in a significantly less safe area, that does not have 1/10 of the social activity as U street, while being a bike ride away.

  • Comment of the day to Anon 2:23!!!

  • You see complaining about MtP on this board? A lot less than complaints about Petworth.

  • My experience has been that high rent on a larger place – in this case essentially a house – is aimed at families and not group houses. Some landlords prefer not to rent to a group.

  • Amen Cupcake. Stability… it’s a beautiful thing!

  • I say make this a group house, slap a fourth roommie in the basement or section off the living room throw in the parking space to make up for their non-room room situation and tadah, you got a great deal! $875 a pop in that neighborhood, sounds like home sweet home.

  • FYI – this is the Craigslist listing Looks pretty sweet. If the all of the bedrooms are a decent size I say good deal.

  • The inside is really nice. I checked it out this morning. But the guy won’t rent to more than two people. It’s worth the money if you can afford that.

  • Holly – that’s interesting. Anyone know whether that’s legal?

  • I don’t think it is. According to this book: you can’t limit the number of occupants unless it’s for a health, safety, or “legitimate business” reason. Here’s what the book says:

    “For example, restricting a spacious two-bedroom flat to one occupant would be illegal under federal law if it were imposed because the landlord simply preferred to have fewer people living on the property.”

  • HUGELY good deal – below market for that neighborhood. Amazing renovations!

  • I think if its his own home, he can do it ( he can also discriminate against people with green eyes if he so desired). However, a property manager wouldn’t be able to do that.

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