Good Deal or Not? Million Dollar Edition

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This property at 1206 Euclid Street says:

“4500 sq Ft 6 bedroom 3 bath victorian home built in 1910 lovingly restored and renovated from top to bottom, Enormous high ceilinged rooms, restored woodwork and hardwood throughout, large closets, gourmet stainless granite kitchen, chandeliers throughout…”

Check out more details from the Web site here.


Seems like an odd price to me. Why not just list it as $999,000 or $1,000,000 even? But anyway, good deal or not?

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  • is this a joke? This house is ghetto.

  • and OMG did they really paint the slate roof pink?

  • what a spooky bedroom.

    Love the woodwork!

  • I’d say this won’t sell for anything over 850. Wayyyy overpriced.

  • I have seen this house in person and it shows very well. Not scary. But who that has a million bucks to spend would buy a house a block from georgia ave at its worst. You could get a rowhome in adams morgan or even woodley park for that.

  • I’m sorry but i’d never pay a million dollers to live in Petworth…it seems like a nice enough house, but a 500-800k nice house not a 1mil nice house.

  • I dont think anything in that immediate vicinty should sell at that price…

  • Game, set, match to Anonymous 10:01.

  • Between the rose-colored paint, the drapery in the boudoir, and the furnishings, the pictures give it the feel of a brothel circa 1900. Not that I would know or anything…

  • A recent study showed that sellers pricing their homes at odd values ($1,029,845.17) got closer to list price than those who price at a rounded values. Perhaps buyers think such prices reflect appraised value or some other semi-scientific measure.

    Either way it seems overpriced.

  • I am really surprised to see something that high east of 16th st. The 18th and Lamont house that Anonymous posted is a great example of a million dollar house in MtP.

  • Wow, that’s outrageously overpriced, I saw nothing that warranted a million bucks.

  • Way over priced. There are nicer and bigger houses a few blocks away on 13th in Columbia Heights that are currently on the market in the 700s (and who knows what they’ll settle for).

  • I always liked that block and the houses on that block are HUGE, with a full height and depth top floor and not just an attic, and also very wide (I sold one for a client on the same block a few years ago). Still, I agree that it’s way too much.

    That is Columbia Heights (not Petworth as one of the Anonymi above suggested.)

  • Some agent seems to be forgetting the first three rules of real estate: location, location, location. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous and well renovated a home is, if it’s 3 blocks from an open-air drug market, it’s probably not a million dollar home.

  • No way! Not that house, not at that location. Maybe they figure they can draw people in when they slash the price by $200K in a few weeks…

  • This is not in Petworth as hipchickindc said, and it is also three blocks from Georgia Ave, not one.

  • As Crazy Eddie would say in NYC, that price is INSANE!

  • small small blocks. I could throw an apple from that house and hit a crackhead on georgia ave. Not that I would want to do that. And thats a really mean thing for me to say. but just sayin…

  • I think this price is nuts. I used to spend a lot of time in the house to the right which was falling apart back in 2001…. And, I don’t think any work has been done since. That alone would keep me from paying that much for the house.

  • Nice house, ridiculously priced. $750k at BEST.

  • I’m not impressed, especially considering that the “fantasy edition” house on Kenyon (which is REALLY nice on the inside and is a block from the metro) was going for, what, $1,200,000?

  • that block in particular is an excellent one. very friendly neighbors, most if not all the houses (save one i know of for sure) have been renovated recently. the corner of 13th and Euclid is particularly nice. Its four long blocks to AM, CH metro, U St.

    nonetheless, its overpriced

  • For $1 million you can get a beautifully restored rowhouse in Cleveland Park (imagine your typical Petworth 1920s rowhouse + fantasy renovations) in a beautiful safe neighborhood where you can walk to everything. Or something quadruple the size in 16th St Heights. There are some beautiful sick mansions in Columbia Heights for around $1 million (the one on Kenyon mentioned by KKenyon). But I don’t think this is a million dollar house.

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