Good Deal or Not? Fantasy Edition


This house at 1334 T Street is amazing. The house itself is amazing and the location is ridiculous. The flyer says:

“Enchanting & sophisticated 4BR, 3.5BA home features high ceilings, renovated top-of-the-line kitchen, large DR w/ pocket doors & fpl, living room w/ lovely fpl & built-ins, Master suite w/ fpl, lovely rear terrace & garden w/ path leading to extraordinary studio/office w/ 4th BR & 3rd full BA over garage.”

This house has all the historical details with a nice upgrade. I particularly liked all the old school doors and floors. Plus it had a sick carriage house. And of course all that costs. Lots more details can be found here. So is $1,195,000 a good deal for this location? What do you think of the house in general? The location (too close to St. Ex)? If you don’t think it’s a good deal what do you think would be?

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  • Upside: Nice house. Downside: so close to Ben’s Chili Bowl you’ll weigh 300 lbs within a year.

  • That house is adorable. I think it’s work a million flat, not 1.2 only because the sq. footage/size of the rooms and lack of basement for storage. Awesome original details & use of space though.

  • I’m a sucker for carriage houses (live in one now). I’d have to buy.

  • Just as fabulous inside as it is outside. I’ve been envious of that happening porch for years. Always wanted to sit outside on a rocker and sip some sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon. Great location (I might be biased because I live a few blocks a way) and really, not a loud block even though it’s close to 14th street. Anyway, it’s just a bit overpriced, but definitely a quality house.

  • WOW. Talk about overpriced. Its a bit disingenious to count the bedroom and bath above the garage. And there’s no kitchen there, so renting it out is not an option. The house looks well-maintained, but 1.2 mil is much too much for the size of the house. For that price, you’d expect a third floor and/or a basement apartment. And, there are no pictures of the bathrooms inside the house (I’ll assume they are nice). Alll in all, this place should go for well under 900k—825k would not be surprising (but the inventory in high demand places like this is in short supply and not very good at the moment, so they might find a buyer willing to reach closer to 900k, but they’d have to get very lucky).

    I feel like I need to justify why I believe the price is so incredibly out of line; for comparison purposes, 1333 T Street (so across the street, and its got more square footage, but not as nice on the inside), went for $747k in March, 2008. I just really can’t understand why they would list this place at $1.2m.

  • Beautiful. I have no idea whether its a good deal. My guess is if I had 1.2 to drop, I’d prefer whatever I could get for that in Cleveland Park, but that’s just a matter of taste. Beautiful floors and doors.

  • I live on this block and that is a crazy price for that house. A larger house (recently updated) next to me was on the market for 871K and didn’t sell.

    Good luck with this one! If it sells for anything close to that price a “For Sale” sign is going up in my yard and y’all can bash my house!!!

  • I think it is a bit over-priced…but I don’t think the situation is as dire compared to some of the bigger expensive petworth homes you’ve posted previously.

  • Overpriced, but man, that’s a beautiful house. That kitchen is sick.

  • What’s up with “Seller reserves right to accept/reject any offer.” Doesn’t that go without saying?

  • I’m the process of looking to buy right now, and in a couple of places the “accept/reject” language was a tip off to some contingency that the seller wanted to make sure got into the contract (once with the seller wanting a quick closing, and once with the seller wanting a contigency that the purchase of another house for him went through). Don’t know if my experience is typical or not, but that was my experience.

  • Man, it’s times like these that I wish I’d become a high-powered lawyer. Or married a beer heiress.

    As far as the price goes, how much value does the carriage house add? Specifically addressing those who have said that other houses on the block went for a lot less, did those houses have one? Is it a common feature for the block (I’m ignorant!).

  • Noah: Lawyers are a dime a dozen in this town. No wait. A dime PER GROSS. Beer heiress is a much better option.

  • Carriage houses are enclosed garages (this one has plumbing). You tell me how much that’s worth. The lots are all about the same size, so if it didn’t have a carriage house, it’d either have an extension on the house, a larger backyard, or a paved area for the car (rather than the enclosed structure). I feel like carriage houses are more “wow that’s neat,” then “I’d pay more to have one”, because once you start thinking about it, most people find it impractical to get much use out of a carriage house (15 year olds and rich artists aside).

  • The carriage house is just extra space away from the house – it depends on how you use it. I fix and restore motorcycles downstairs in mine, and when the grease is cleaned up, the girlfriend can sew, do yoga, or have band practice. Upstairs is for living, it’s a bit tight, but it works. We like it because it is away from the houses where people live – noise at odd hours of the night and loud music is not a concern.

  • it’s a great location and wonderful property, but it will sell for less, perhaps 1 mil.

  • I was looking at a house in Chevy Chase a few weeks ago for $600k, $500k less than this with easily 4 times the yard, virtually the same interior paint job and same kitchen. No double doors in the kitchen, all square rooms, so no piece in the master bedroom like this has, lower ceilings, lack of exotic cabinets like that one “Attic” room and of course, no carriage house. But if you work outside the city like I spend most of my time w/ clients, then it’s a shorter commute from Chevy chase, but if you work on K st Chevy chase is a longer commute. The idea that this property is more valuable than the chevy chase one I saw at $600k is truly laughable and it’s that weird lack of reality which I’ll benefit from when I sell.

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