Getting Into the Olympic Spirit on Park Road


Sorry for the terrible cell phone photo but this was way too cool of a sight not to post (they gave me permission to take the photo). So these folks had set up tiki torches and brought a tv and comfortable chairs on their front lawn to watch the olympics. It really was a great sign. So are you guys super psyched about the olympics? I have to be honest, it really doesn’t do much for me. Maybe if they showed my favorite Summer olympics sport (ping pong) I’d feel differently. If you are excited what are your favorite sports to watch?

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  • I’m really more of a winter Olympics kinda gal.

  • ROWING!!! Wish they would have more coverage…!!

  • What is the difference between “Indifferent” and “Couldn’t Care Less”? Those two things sound the same to me…. 🙂

    Ping pong is also one of my favorite Olympic sports. I also like archery.

  • Was it just me or did the American female gymnast’s outfits make them look like they worked at Hardees?

  • I want nothing but ping pong, archery, fencing, and the winter olympics. Yep, it was Hardees, and what was with the telecast of the 5-minute huddle they did after some prelim.?

  • That men’s swimming relay last night was friggin’ awesome. THAT was an Olympic moment.

    So what’s worse, ugly American girls’ outfits with a starfish where the left boob should be, or 11 year old Chinese gymnasts with padded bras?

    As for rowing, table tennis, handball and the rest, they are getting plenty of coverage during the day on the other channels: USA, MSNBC, Oxygen. Seriously, they showed at least a full hour or two of rowing the other day, full handball matches, the works!

  • POP, why is “polldaddy” telling me I’m blocked from viewing polling results due to suspicious polling activity? There’s nothing suspicious about the fact that I’m super psyched about the Olympics. I only hit “hell yes” once, I swear!

  • I love the swimming – anyone see the amazing relay last night? Best race I have ever seen. WOO HOO

  • Something woke me up at 4:00 am in the morning a few days ago. I climbed down the stairs of our luxurious Petworth rowhouse to find my husband lying awake on the living room couch. What’s wrong, I thought. Was he waiting up for one of our young adult children? Why aren’t they home? Then I saw the tv on. He was watching the US play soccer against some other country, and winning, too!! He is a naturalized US citizen and wouldn’t miss us play a soccer game at the Olympics.

  • i dig the soccer the most (too bad the us men blew a win against the dutch). in general most sports are fun to watch if they have an exciting finish. that mens swimming relay was awesome. oh, and thank god for tivo…

  • I never think I’m excited about the Olympics until I sit down and watch them for awhile. Sprint swimming was on last night at first….snoooooze. Then I kept watching, and by the time Hoff had that excruciating loss and then the relay team edged out the win, I was gasping and cheering like a life-long fan.

  • I’m really excited about watching the Classic Freestyle Mayhem match between Russia and Georgia.

    Kind of makes the Olympics GAMES seem pretty irrelevantly frivolous at best. At worst, this festival of nationalistic competition seems to be training us to view other nations as adversaries to be defeated.

    So yeah, sign me up as “actively opposed”.

  • So true. Ever since the US lost 15-22 to Iceland in the first round of handball at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, I’ve just been itching for us to invade them. I STILL won’t listen to Bjork.

    Halliburton, Blackwater, Patriot Act = worth getting upset about.
    Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline = not so much.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    You can catch a ton of live and previously recorded Olympic events on line at’s Being 2008 site. You’ll need to download Microsoft Silverlight to view them but there are perks:

    1. Far fewer commercials (usually a header commercial at the start of your stream from Hilton or GE).
    2. No annoying commentary during the games.
    3. Friggin’ LIVE shots on your ‘puter! I feel like I’m there!
    4. All the sports not normally covered on broadcast tv have vids there. So far I’ve seen men’s and women’s field hockey, handball, judo of all weight classes, great badmitton… I think pingpong (table tennis) is later this week?


  • Quincy St Neighbor

    oops i meant “’s Bei Jing 2008 site”

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