Gelato at 14th and U Farmers Market Saturday

Gelato, originally uploaded by bokchoyboy.

Sweet! From a listserv:

“Beat the heat with DC’s best local ice cream…. at the DOG DAY Farmers Market on

Special guest producer DOLCEZZA ARTISANAL GELATO will be with us for our Dog Day Market. Rob and Violeta make the best ice creams and sorbets in Washington from Local Milk flavored with the tastiest local products they can find in our markets. Here is what they will have at the stand on Saturday.

” We will be bringing the following flavors. GELATO: Keswick Creamery LEMON RICOTTA CARDAMOM, Blue Ridge Dairy MASCARPONE, Valrhona Chocolate Amargo (dark chocolate gelato), Pistacchio di Bronte (sicilian pistacchio), Dulce de Leche. SORBETTO: Lime Cilantro (cilantro from Gardeners Gourmet), Lemon Opal Basil (Opal Basil from Gardeners Gourmet), Toigo Orchards YELLOW PEACH BOURBON, Toigo Orchards PLUM (whatever plum is available), Westmoreland Berry Farm RASPBERRY, Westmoreland Berry Farm BLACKBERRY, Toigo Orchards SOUR CHERRY plus some surprises depending on what we find at the markets this week….”

I am very excited about Dolcezza.” More items at the market after the jump.

And from our usual wonderful producers:

Mountain View: Potatoes: lots…red, yellow, purple.
Tomatoes: Tons of heirlooms as they finally start to come in. 20 different varieties this
week PLUS Cherry tomatoes: Sungold, Juliet, Black cherry….
Peppers: Lots of green and some red and hot (hungarian hot wax, thai hot) Attila has
Hungarian roots and it shows in his peppers!
Eggplant: Orient Charm, Orient Express, Rosa Bianca, Nadia
Cucumbers and Squash are starting to slow down so snap up those cukes for your
gazpacho (I will!)

Keswick: Yogurt. Chocolate Pudding, ricotta, quark, feta and 12 aged raw milk cheeses.
Blue cheese goes very well on fennel salads.

Garner: Tomato Madness — Huge sale if you buy a 25 lb box for canning, drying, freezing
and otherwise preserving all that summer goodness. Make 4 bean salad with green beans,
yellow wax beans, roma beans and lima beans ALREADY shelled. Red King Arthur
peppers and Yellow Early Sensation peppers
Bi color sweet corn this week.

McCleaf: Sentry peaches, white snow king peaches, kale, Swiss chard, cantaloupes,
tomatoes – heirloom, ugly, okra, egg plant, cucumbers, onions – yellow and red, white
corn, beets, squash – yellow and green, green peppers, new red potatoes, and white, and a
few yellow plums.

Kuhn: peaches & nectarines, white & yellow, plums, apricots, rambo apples and summer
macs ,blackberries,blueberries ,red raspberries, cider, honey, tomatillos to make your own
SALSA VERDE, onions, shallots, basil,cherry tomatoes ,slicing and heirloom tomatoes,

Truck Patch: Like last week but with many more heirloom tomatoes. And ask for their
Squash blossoms. Grill those pastured pork chops and sausages. Cantaloupe, green
beans, squash mesclun, stir-fry greens, and radishes. Mint, oregano, sage, chives, basil,
lemon verbena. Cilantro and tomatoes to make salsa.

NanBon: frangipane tarts, pound cake, bread pudding,, butter milk pecan pies and
zucchini bread.

Bread Line Breads, muffins, croissants

Elaine Fauchers’s fabulous flowers.

Saturday 9-1
NW Corner of 14th and U NW

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  • Westmoreland Berry Farm is awesome! They have a great berry farm. You get your buckets and you head off towards the type of berries you want and pick them fresh off the plant. The last time I went they had strawberries, blueberries, black and red raspberries, and the largest blackberries I have ever seen! They also have a really nice store with outdoor seating so you can enjoy your own berries or some of their snacks and desserts like homemade strawberry shortcake and icecream. There is a play ground and a train ride for the kids as well as some goats that you can feed. They have it set up so the pen is on one side of the dirt road and then there is a ladder to a very high, very narrow beam that goes over the road to a giant pole on the otherside of the road. You get the feed and put it in a bucket that you then pull a rope (like a flag pole) which dumps the feed out at the top of the narrow path. The goats come over and walk across it like they are taking a sunday stroll to eat it. Very neat and scary to watch.

  • That is the most sensual picture of a frozen treat ever

  • Mmmmm– try the opal basil! It’s the perfect summer treat. 🙂

  • “Beat the heat with DC’s best local ice cream”. I have a problem with that statement.
    The best local ice cream is at Timor Bodega at 2nd and Rhode Island NW.

    PoP, you should visit that place and feature it on this blog. It’s a true gem in Bloomingdale. Check it out.

  • saf

    And I’m disagreeing with THor here – the best local ice cream is Max’s Best, in Glover Park.

  • um, dolcezza sells GELATO, not ice cream. completely different products. both delicious in their own right – and timor and dolcezza offer the top notch of each.

  • Yes…. we want a profile of Timor Bodega on 2nd and RIA – local dairy

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