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DSCN2031, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m really digging these gardens that have the tall grass that in nature might look like weeds but in gardens actually look quite cool. I guess it’s just wild grass. Anyone know the proper name?

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  • Looks like a type of feather reed grass. I may be wrong though. 😉

  • i have always loved that garden. beach grass

  • yes, it’s feather reed grass, probably the variety called “Karl Foerster.” It’s great for small gardens because it grows very vertically, not as a giant spreading clump like most grasses. It’s pretty common and most larger garden centers (Johnson’s, Behnke’s, etc.) should have it.

  • I’ve always hoped you would feature this garden! The owner does an amazing job and has a huge patch of land.

  • Where is this at? Would love to check this garden out.

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